>From: Ih8HeYgUaS@aol.com
>To: baseballace@hotmail.com
>Subject: my bench killing deck
>Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 00:05:33 EST
>hi, i'd like you to take a look at my bench killing deck, by the name im
>you can tell the point of the deck is to k.o the opponents bench pokemon.
>and the mimes are there just because they are great cards.  thanx
>4 gastly (fossil)
>3 haunter (fossil)
>2 gengar
>4 drowzee
>2 hypno
>3 mr. mime
>4 bill
>4 e.r
>2 s.e.r
>2 oak
>4 g.o.w
>2 switch
>2 energy retrieval
>1 pokemon breeder
>21 psychic energy
>thanks for taking a look at it.
>and i was thinking about adding electric pokemon to the deck.
>pikachu(jungle), raichu(fossil) and a few electabuzz's to be exact.  what
>you think about that?  would that be a good or bad thing to do.
>thanks again,

Hey guys, merry Christmas! I don't know what's been wrong with me, I haven't
been doing many reports lately, SORRY! But anyways, onto your deck, you
gotta remember the rule: NO singles, therefore, add another breeder and take
out a drowzee. You may want another breeder, so I suggest taking out a bill
for another. I like the deck idea and the 4 gusts, this deck should work
pretty well, that's all you need.

Griffin B.
Until next time...

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