>Here is my deck. I have only used it twice against 2 friends and it won
>both times. I personally don't think it is very good. Please try to help me
>fix it up. I can afford common, uncoomon & a lot of rare cards, but
>probably not more than two or maybe three holo foils. I was thinking of
>maybe adding some chanseys or scythers or likitungs. Here is the deck (it
>may look similar to the overgrowth theme deck since i used that as a minor
>guideline) :
>3 Bulbasuar
>2 Ivysaur
>4 Weedle
>3 Kakuna
>1 Beedrill
>2 Magikarp
>1 Gyrados
>3 Poliwag
>2 Poliwhirl
>1 Seel
>1 Dewgong
>1 Jigglypuff (i don't know why i put him in there)
>14 grass energy
>13 water energy
>2 computer search
>2 Professor Oak
>1 Gust of Wind
>2 Bill
>1 Energy Removal
>1 Switch
>Thank You in advance
>PS Please only respond to this email address if you respond by Saturday

The jigglypuff would be a good mr mime killer, take out a plant energy and
put another jigglpuff in. Take out all poliwags and poliwhirl and put in 2
more bills and 3 more energy removal. Now take out a weedle and kakuna and
add a pokemon breeder and venusaur. Take out a water energy and try to get a
another seel in there. Take out a bulbasaur and add a chansey. That should
be about right, nice deck!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...