>Hi. I am some what of a begginer and I don't live near any tourneys. I have
>never lost around my neighborhood but no one is that good . If you could
>me out with this deck I would appreciate it. My Goal was to make a deck
>all of the pokemon would be able to help each other out if their weeknesses
>showed up.
>Here it is:
>10 water/5 grass/5 Psycic
>2 MagiKarp    1 Gyrados (big hitter strong hit points)
>1 Seel      1 Dewgong (also big hitter with srong hitpoints)
>THe water Pokemon are there to counteract the weekness of my grass pokemon
>3 Exeggute   2 exeggutor (can do infinite damage need I say more)
>3 Scyther (good starter)
>Lots of POkemon have weekness to grass
>2 KangasKhan (good card drawer)
>1 lickitung (anti Mr. Mime)
>2 Jigglypuff 1 Wigglytuff (Good attacks)
>The colorless Pokemon are there to counteract any other weeknesses
>1 Computer Search
>1 Item Finder
>1 POke center
>3 Switch
>2 Potion
>1 Prof Oak
>2 Energy retrieval
>2 Bill
>1 energy removal
>2 Gust of wind
>2 Super Potion
>1 Plus POwer
>P.S. Any pokemon I only have 1 of is because I dindn't have more of those
>guys to put in.
>Don't worry about posting this in the garage I just want to know what good
>changes would be
>Thank you My email is Daniel0531@aol.com

Okay, I like this deck. If you only have one seel then take out both seel
and dewgong. I guess that since it's not a rain dance you could add an eevee
and vaporeon. You need another eevee so take out the pokecenter. You also
need more energy removals. They're commons so they shoud be pretty easy to
get. Take out both super potions and add 2 energy removal. Now take out a
switch and add a bill. Now take out a plus power(pretty useless with only
one) and try to get a professor oak. The rest of the pokemon are fine
though. That's about all, see ya'!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...