>im kinda new to this so dont laugh if it sucks. im tryin to make a
>could u try to help it out? here it is:
>4 scyther
>2 kangaskhan
>4 energy removal
>4 super energy removal
>3 pro. oak
>4 bill
>3 gust of wind
>12 fighting
>11 electric
>3 grass
>2 double colorless
>thanks, and try to reply

WOW!! You don't seem like a beginner. This deck is GOOD. I really like it.
Kinda' like my haymaker... Anyways, I could help it a bit though. Take out a
fighting energy and an electric (don't worry, you don't need to run that
much energy) and add 2 double colorless. You should only run 12 pokemon.
Either take out 2 kangaskhan, or take out a scyther and electabuzz or
hitmonchan, and add 2 switch. You don't need plant energy, my deck works
fine without it and I use scythers, drop all three of them and try to get 3
plus powers in there. Now take out a super energy removal and gust of wind
and add an item finder and computer search. This deck is pretty good so I'll
leave it at that.

Griffin Branham
Until next time...