Hey, I like quick decks so I created a haymaker.  This deck usually
wins prety quikely, around 5 minutes, and its gotten several first turn
wins.  The only deck I've lost to is a gyarados deck because of their
resistance to fighting, and even then, I win most of the time.  I'm still
not sure weather or not I should include some revives though.

        My deck has 4 hitmonchans because they're the best basics around.  I
put in the 2 kangaskahn because they can get you lots of cards, and do up to
80 damage.  The Tauros are there for its nice powerful attack that does more
damage as it gets hurt.  These are the best basics iv'e found, I've thaought
about scyther and farfetch'd, put there to week (a thirty damage attack for
three energy isn't that good, I think.)

        I also like to render my opponents helpless, so thats why I have the
four energy removals, and the three super removals (I want anouther super
removal).  The comp. searches get me thhe pokemon / trainer I want, when I
need it, and the gusts of wind send out week pokemon for me to kill.  I've
got the pokemon flute to get cheap prizes, and the full heal to heal tauros
if he gets confused.  The two super potions and two defenders make sure I
don't get hurt too badley, and the 4 Plus powers help me kill there pokemon
quicker.  The two Professor oak and the four bill help me put cards in my

        Please help me make this deck better, and here is the deck:

    Energy (24)-
        23 Fighting
        1 Double Colorless (Its all I have)

    Pokemon (8)-
        4 Hitmonchan
        2 Kangaskahn
        2 Tauros

    Trainers (28)-
        4 Energy Removals
        3 Super Energy Removals
        4 Plus Power
        2 Defender
        4 Bill
        2 Professor Oak
        1 Full Heal
        2 Super Potions
        2 Computer Search
        4 Gust of Wind


    Okay, if you want to beat Gyarados use scyther. Why don't you take out
both tauros(don't really need them) and add 2 scyther. You don't really need
the full heals, super potions, and defenders, take out all of them and add
one more professor oak, 2 switches, and with two slots left add 2 more
double colorless (even though you don't have any, you could use proxies, get
some pretty easily, or borrow some). You want some different types of
pokemon so take the two kangaskhans and add 2 chanseys. Now take out 12
fighting energy and add 4 electabuzz and 9 electric energy. That should give
oyu a rally fast haymaker. Man, it's getting late, and I'm getting
tired...Oh, anyways, see everyone later!

    Griffin Branham
    Until next time...