>>>>I had just battled this deck once and I won, but barely. So I want to
>>>>if you can make it any better than it is. I don't have a name for it,
>>>>if you think of a cool name, please feel free to name it. Well, here's
>>>>Pokemons (17)
>>>>3 Bulbasaurs
>>>>2 Ivysaurs
>>>>1 Venusaur
>>>>3 Seels
>>>>2 Dewgongs
>>>>3 Jigglypuffs
>>>>2 Wigglytuffs
>>>>1 Chansey
>>>>Trainers (17)
>>>>4 Bills
>>>>4 Energy Removals
>>>>1 Super Energy Removal
>>>>3 Potion
>>>>1 Pkm. Trader
>>>>1 Pkm. Breeder
>>>>1 Switch
>>>>1 Energy Retrieval
>>>>1 Scoop Up
>>>>Energys (26)
>>>>14 Water
>>>>8 Grass
>>>>4 Double Colorless
>>>>WOW, I LOVE this deck, you use the right evolutions and the right anount
>>>trainers. ONE problem though, you use only one of some trainers.
>>>are GOOD. Start by taking out a scoop up and three potion and add 4 grass
>>>energy. Now take out an energy removal and add another super energy
>>>So now take out an ivysaur for a pokemon breeder. Take out the trader for
>>>comp search. TAke out the switch for a professor oak. Now take out a
>>>jigglypuff ( I KNOW it's really risky to run 2-2 in an evolutoin line,
>>>jiggly has 60hp and has lullaby so it can stay alive long enough to get a
>>>wiggly out) and add another chansey. That should be good enough, see ya'!
>>>Griffin Branham
>>>Until next time...