>This a deck I have been working with.  Please help...
>11 fighting
>10 Water
>1 energy retrieval
>2 gust of winds
>2 potions
>2 energy removal
>4 bills
>1 super energy removal
>   2 Hitmonchan
>   3 Cubone
>   2 Marowak
>   4 Machop
>   2 Machoke
>   4 Squirtle
>   2 Wartortle
>   1 Blastoise
>   2 Seel
>   1 Dewgong
>   1 Snorlax
>   3 Farfetch'd

If you read Tyler Grund's article on farfetch'd youd see that you shouldn't
use him ANYMORE, he used to be good but in this "environment" he's not as
powerfull. I'd suggest taking out all three and adding 2 scythers and a
professor oak. Now take out a snorlax(WAY to many energy for a 30damage
attack with chance/paralysis) and add a kangaskhan. NEVER use machop and
machoke without machamp, take out all of them(they are to slow) and add 3
rhyhorns and 2 rhydons, then add another pro oak. Now take out cubones and
marowaks(they SUCK...well, maybe they are not THAT bad, but don't us 'em)
and add 2 comp searches, a pkmn trader, and two energy removals and another
super removal. Now take out 2 potions and add two pkmn breeders. And lastly
take out a squirtle and add another blastoise. That's about it!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...