>I had just battled this deck once and I won, but barely. So I want to see
>if you can make it any better than it is. I don't have a name for it, but
>if you think of a cool name, please feel free to name it. Well, here's my
>Pokemons (17)
>3 Bulbasaurs
>2 Ivysaurs
>1 Venusaur
>3 Seels
>2 Dewgongs
>3 Jigglypuffs
>2 Wigglytuffs
>1 Chansey
>Trainers (17)
>4 Bills
>4 Energy Removals
>1 Super Energy Removal
>3 Potion
>1 Pkm. Trader
>1 Pkm. Breeder
>1 Switch
>1 Energy Retrieval
>1 Scoop Up
>Energys (26)
>14 Water
>8 Grass
>4 Double Colorless
>WOW, I LOVE this deck, you use the right evolutions and the right anount of
trainers. ONE problem though, you use only one of some trainers. Duplicates
are GOOD. Start by taking out a scoop up and three potion and add 4 grass
energy. Now take out an energy removal and add another super energy removal.
So now take out an ivysaur for a pokemon breeder. Take out the trader for a
comp search. TAke out the switch for a professor oak. Now take out a
jigglypuff ( I KNOW it's really risky to run 2-2 in an evolutoin line, but
jiggly has 60hp and has lullaby so it can stay alive long enough to get a
wiggly out) and add another chansey. That should be good enough, see ya'!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...