>This is a deck that i built mostly using cards out of prebuilt decks. It is
>combination psychic/water deck.
>The strategy behind this deck is as follows:
>I try to start with either a Farfetch'd or a Jynx mainly because they are
>both powerful basic pokemon. While I wear down on them with them I build up
>my heavy hitters like Kadabra, Gyarados, Haunter, and Wartortle.
>Psychic Pokemon:
>3x Jynx
>3x Abra
>2x Kadabra
>3x Ghastly
>2x Haunter (one of the most underated pokemon in the game)
>1x Mewtwo
>Water Pokemon:
>2x Magikarp
>1x Gyrados
>3x Squirtle
>2x Wortortle
>Colorless Pokemon:
>2x Kangaskhan
>2x Farfetch'd
>4x Bill
>1x Prof Oak
>2x Super Potion
>3x Potion
>1x Super Energy Removal
>1x Pokmon Center
>1x Computer Search
>11x Psychic
>10x Water

NEVER use haunter or gastly. Take them out and add 2 alakzams, 2 chansey,
and another computer search. Maybe take out all three potion and add 3 more
pokemon centers. Now take out a jynx and mewtwo and add a pokemon breeder
and another abra. Take out a bill( because you've got kangaskhan ) and add
another water energy. I wouldn't use farfetch'd anymore( read Tyler Grund's
article in the, I think, single card evaluations), taek out both of them for
another breeder and blastoise. Blastoise doesn't work very good in 2 color
decks because he can't get enough energy to rain dance, with that gyarados
in there it makes it even harder to get enough for him AND gyarados, I'd
suggest taking out both magikarps and gyarados and add 1 more water energy
and a 2 energy removals. Now drop the super potions and add 2 more energy
removals. That's just about it! Bye!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...