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Ghostly Gengar's Deck Garage
Revenge of the Swampert and Electric Hell
May 31, 2005

Hey Pojo. 
Ghostly Gengar here with two more deck fixes for the Pokemon site:  Revenge of the Swampert and Electric Hell respectively.  This is getting to be easier the more I do it...the players seem to like my work too--I keep getting new decks.  This is a good sign right ;)  Anyway... here are the fixes:

Hiya all!  As I do this more and more, it evolves and I seemingly get better at it (at least I hope I am ; ) ).  This makes it a little easier to offer the help that many readers need in a more timely fashion.  Hence the reason that I am busy typing away at yet another fix for y'all to enjoy. 
Today we have a deck from a Sean Dowey (my name is Shawn too!  Just spelled a little differently) who says that he needs help quick.  It seems there is a tournament coming up that he would really like to win…well…I'll do what I can but only a smart player can hope to win no matter what deck they are playing. ; ).  And as we all know, sometimes The Force just isn't with us…sorry-I just saw Episode III-can't help myself from alluding to it.
Anyway here it is-a nameless deck yet again…but no fear (Fear leads to Anger; Anger leads to Hate; Hate leads to Suffering).  As I was emailed this before my guidelines were up, I will let it slide today.  We'll call this one Revenge of The Swampert just because I still have all that Star Wars stuff running through my head!

Hello. I need to kick butt at the Gym Challenge I'm going to soon.  My deck is a Swampert deck with some reinforcement.  I have no Exs except  the ones in my deck.  Pleas help me.

Pokemon - 22

4 Mudkip (RS 59)
2 Marshtomp (RS 40)
1 Marshtomp (DG 36)
2 Swampert (RS 13)
2 Swampert (MA 95)
3 Horsea (TRR 58)
2 Seadra (TRR 48)
2 Kingdra (TRR 12)
2 Wobbufet (SS 26)
1 Jirachi (HL 08)
1 Zangoose (SS 14)

Trainers - 17

1 Crystal Shard
1 Professor Cozmo's Discovery
2 TV Reporter
1 ATM Rock
1 Island Cave
1 Rare Candy
3 Masterball
1 Professor Birch
1 Energy Removal 2
2 Pokemon Retriever
3 Lanette's Net Search

Energy - 20

16 Water
4 Multi

I think I may have miscounted the totals……

Thank you.


Well, well…firstly you did count the totals wrong-just one short at 59 cards…we can make much use of such space in just a few minutes.  Meanwhile I must say-I am relatively impressed.  This deck has been well though out and would do well against many comers but it does have a few fixes that could make it top notch.  The Pokemon are good and they can compliment one another nicely-You have some big basics to use while you build up those evolutions and you have the Multi-energy they need to do a devastating attack on the first turn.  Very good.  I thought about making the Jirachi and Zangoose into more Wobuffet just so that you have a little more protection against other peoples' Pokemon EX…but I like them in there too….It is up to you whether to go with more Wobuffet or leave things the same-either combo will be advantageous.

The trainers need the most work-you have a lot of cards in here that really don't seem to help-and there are better options to be had in my opinion.  Like the random Crystal Shard…It could be useful if you had to fight an electric deck…but not just one of them.  So out it goes.  Also to get the boot is Cozmo's Discovery.  I like the TV Reporter much better and it doesn't have complexities like Professor Cozmo's Discovery.  The ATM rock is out too.  Just because we need that space for other things.  Energy Removal 2 is a joke-having to flip for the benefit of removing an energy card is worthless (back in the day there was real energy removal…it was worthwile).  To see what we did with all of that space check out the final listing of the deck at the end of the article.

Energy is a little over the top…four Multi Energies is a little too much-if you were playing more colorless it would be worth it…but as such, I think we only need three.  And just for the sake of one more extra slot…we remove one of the water enrergies as well.  That will give a final deck that looks like this:

Pokemon - 22
Revenge of the Swampert

4 Mudkip (RS 59)
2 Marshtomp (RS 40)
1 Marshtomp (DG 36)
2 Swampert (RS 13)
2 Swampert (MA 95)
3 Horsea (TRR 58)
2 Seadra (TRR 48)
2 Kingdra (TRR 12)
2 Wobbufet (SS 26)
1 Jirachi (HL 08)--------substitute for a Wobbufet if desired
1 Zangoose (SS 14)------substitute for a Wobbufet if desired

Trainers - 20
3 Wally's Training
3 TV Reporter
3 Island Cave
2 Rare Candy
3 Masterball
2 Professor Birch
2 Pokemon Retriever
2 Lanette's Net Search

Energy - 18
15 Water
3 Multi

This arrangement should prove more useful in getting out those evolutions when you really need them…the other deck was more like-okay!  Hope I can draw into all three of the Swampert Line in three consecutive turns.  You have Wally's training to get evolutions, you have more Rare Candy for evolution, and fewer Lanette's Search because it isn't the MOST useful card in a deck that is so heavily focused on one type.
I hope that this helps and wish you the best of luck in your Gym Challenge tournament.

The Ghostly Gengar


911! 911!  We have an emergency situation!  A long lost player has returned to the fold only to find that everything has changed!  We must get him up to speed and do it quickly!
Let's fist start with our trainer's spiel…We'll answer questions and then we'll move on to the deck fix…:)
Well, first of all, let me make it clear that I haven't played this
game in a little over four years. A few nights ago, though, I decided
to take out what's left of my cards and try to reconstruct my old
deck. It didn't turn out exactly like I'd planned due to a few missing
cards, namely Sudowoodo from Neo Revelation (and the fact that I can't
find any Mareep for my ever-loved Ampharos), but I tried my best.
Still, I'm sure I need dire help with it, but keep in mind that--due
to my four year absence of play--I have no cards newer than Neo
Revelation to make adjustments with (aside from a Kyogre ex and
Groudon ex, which wouldn't really be useful in this deck...). And,
well, to put it nicely, I'd rather not use any cards newer than Neo
Revelation. It's...sort of a pet peeve of mine. I guess you could
consider this a sort of challenge, or something. I don't know. =/
Anywho, here's what I came up with:

Electric Hell? (First thing that came to mind. >_<)

Pokemon - 16
3 Slugma (Neo Revelation)
3 Magcargo (Neo Revelation)
2 Chinchou (Neo Revelation)
2 Lanturn (Neo Revelation)
2 Electabuzz (Base)
2 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Miltank (Neo Genesis)

Trainers - 22
4 Bill (Base)
3 Energy Ark (Neo Discovery)
3 Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis)
2 Professor Elm (Neo Genesis)
2 Switch (Base)
2 Pokemon Trader (Base)
2 Gust of Wind (Base)
2 Energy Removal (Base)
2 Plus Power (Base)

Energy - 22
13 Fire
6 Electric

Strategy: Start out with 'Buzz, or Magmar, and keep the opponent at
bay while powering up Magcargo--the trump card. Miltank is thrown in
for healing, along with the Moo-Moo Milks (I had some Healing Fields,
but they didn't work out too well). The Lanturn is thrown in just for
more trouble with the chance for confusing, and the fact that I love
its Power. The Plus Power is there for that dreaded "10 HP left" that
I seemed to have very bad luck with, and the Energy Ark is for nabbing
that energy for Magcargo quickly (or whatever else I may need it for).
I also threw in a couple of Pokemon Trader in case a need to sacrifice
a basic to get a Magcargo or Lanturn onto the field.

Well, there you have it. Not near the best, I know, and that's why I'm
asking for your help. Also, I've got a somewhat stupid question:
Should I worry about anti-Magcargo decks? I originally created this
deck shortly after Neo Revelation was released, and only played with
it for about half a year or so afterwards, so I never really got to
see if Magcargo became popular or not. And about the
Modified/Unlimited thing, I'm really not sure what that means. (>_>;
Yes, I know I'm stupid.) Any help at all would be appreciated.
Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the weekly tournaments soon.

Thanks in advance,
Welcome back Psy!  Hopefully I can help you get up to speed on a few key issues…:) For your question answers….about the anit Magcargo decks.  Mostly don't worry too much about it because unless you cave and finally do buy the new cards, you can't really compete in a modified tournament anyway.  And as for defining the formats-Modified is a system which uses only the most recent expansions for play.  It gets cycled usually at the end of the year so that the newer expansions take precedence over the older.  Right now it consists of the following expansions:
o EX: Ruby & Sapphire
o EX: Sandstorm
o EX: Dragon
o EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua
o EX: Hidden Legends
o EX: FireRed & LeafGreen
o EX: Team Rocket Returns
o EX: Trainer Kit
o POP Series One promo cards
o All Black Star promo cards numbered 001 and higher
o In addition, future Pokémon USA, Inc., releases will become legal as they are
released, per the Pokémon Organized Play Floor Rules.

For a more detailed version of these modified rules I suggest you check out the Pokemon Organized Play webpage…they have lots of tidbits for you to digest. 

Unlimited format is just that-any and all US released cards are legal for play but most tournaments do not operate under this format.  Mostly it's just for casual play.

One more thing to say before I get on to the deck fix…the game has really gotten a little bit cooler since Wizards of the Coast lost control.  Pokemon USA has really done a good job with things-especially in regards to older players such as myself.  I would recommend that you just investigate the newer expansions and such as they really are quite interesting-full of new strategies and new challenges since the rule of Wizards of the Coast ended.  That said, let us move on to the deck…

First off I would eliminate the 2 Miltank and go for one more each of Magmar and Electabuzz…If your strat. Hinges on getting them out first you really need more of them.
Make your Lanturn line a 3/3 instead of a 2/2…we will make room for this later…

The trainers are a little bit muddled…If we're going for an Unlimited deck, we just as well do it right.  That means Professor Oak, Computer Search and Item Finder will all find their way in.  Take out the Energy Removal and make it more Plus Power.  The Traders too can go with the amazing power that the Oak, Search and Finder can provide you hardly need them.  I also would prefer Gold Berry to Moo Moo Milk.

Energy wise, I would now take out the Double Colorless-that aren't really beneficial with Miltank gone---they coould provide a retreat for Magcargo-but you have switch for that.

The final list should be along these lines:
Electric Hell (revised)

Pokemon - 18

3 Slugma
3 Magcargo
3 Chinchou
3 Lanturn
3 Electabuzz
3 Magmar

Trainers - 24
3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Comp. Search
3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
2 Switch
3 Gust of Wind
4 Plus Power

Energy - 18
12 Fire
6 Electric

There is a sufficient fix that should prove competetive in all Unlimited play events.  I prefer unlimited but I do like the newer cards too...I really suggest that you look into them a little bit.  There are some fun times to be had with all the options out there now.  I say take it and run.  But that is just my thoughts on the matter-you are, of course free to do whatever is more appealing to you.

The Ghostly

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