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Ghostly Gengar's Deck Garage
Ludicolo/Gardevoir deck
May 25, 2005

Hiya all!  Sorry to have been away for a little while.  I'm in a bagpipe band too and it really commands a lot of my time in the spring/summer.  Being ranked among the state's best pipers has its costs :)  But enough of this!  On to the main point of why we're all here.

This week's deck has only a few minor glitches that we should be able to work out in no time.  Apparently the deck's creator is fond of, well, creating decks!  He just wants a little advice on the matter.  This should prove to be interesting:)...  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gardevior/Ludicolo deck fix of the week:

i have been playing pokemon since 2001 and i have always loved building decks and i test out many types and styles and this is my most current and the one i play now so i would like it if you would please fix it
this is my gardevior/ludicolo deck
the strategy is to use masterball to get gardivior and rare candy to get him out fast and use heal dance to remove damage o yeah i also use ludicolo to do that too and i have tons of cards with draw power

i have almost all cards from base to skyridge and about 1/2 the cards in each card set from ruby sapphire to emerald

3x ralts EM#61
2x kirlia EM#33
1x kirlia RS#35
3x gardivior EM#4

2x spoink EM#65
2x grumpig EM#29

2x mudkip EM#56
2x marshtomp EM#36

2x lotad DX#63
2x lombre DX#34
1x ludicolo DX#19

2x zigzagoon SS#85
2x linoone RS#38

2x lum berry
2x potion
1x wallys training
2x masterball
1x mr stones project
1x celios network
1x rare candy
2x scott
1x prof. oaks reasearch
2x copy cat
2x strength charm
1x tv reporter

11 psychic
8 water

please fix

It looks okay at first glance and it really is a good idea.  One that could be a lot of fun but I think we need to set a few things straight-this deck adds up to 63 cards!  That is just enough to get you laughed at if you show face anywhere carrying such a deck.  Thus to avoid the embarassment, we must cut it down somehow, and I think that the easiest thing to do is to cut the Spoink and Grumpig from the get-go.  The Pokemon in this deck are running rampant anyway.  Other than that I like your Poke-lineup. 

Trainers are another problem.  I really hate to see singles in decks-especially when it comes to the trainers.  You see, trainers are the backbone-they are what keep your deck and strategy running smoothly.  Pokemon are important, but are worthless without trainers.  I suggest you run something more like this:

3 Rare Candy
2 Wally's Training
2 Masterball
2 Celio's Network
3 Professor Oak's Research
3 Copycat
3 Strength Charm

Slightly more stable--more prdictable and less prone to fate.  Evil man that fate.  Always will get you into trouble if you let him.

The energy here are almost okay but I think we should just even out the amounts a little, since after cutting the Spoink line we have one extra space, I think we just run ten of each type.  That is a good, even, and effective number to go on and should work just as well as the other arrangement.

The final deck should look something like this:

Pokemon (22)
3 Ralts
2 Kirlia (# 33)
1 Kirlia (# 35)
3 Gardevior
2 Mudkip
2 Marshtomp
2 Lotoad
2 Lombre
1 Ludicolo
2 Zigzagoon
2 Linoone

Trainers (18)
3 Rare Candy
2 Wally's Training
2 Masterball
2 Celio's Network
3 Professor Oak's Research
3 Copycat
3 Strength Charm

Energy (20)
10 Water
10 Psychic

This will give you plenty of card drawing and finding options while still retaining the deck's original basic structure.  As I have stated in my other articles, multiples are your friend and having fun is what it is all about. If you lack those two elements, then the game ceases to have any kind of meaning--so go have fun with your newly tweaked deck!

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