subject: please fix my deck

Dear Dux,
This deck is not very original, but please help me work out my problems.

9 Fighting
7 Electric
5 Psychic
4 Grass

2 Hitmonchan (I don't have any more)
2 Hitmonlee (Only one more)
2 Electabuzz (Should I put in a movie Promo one?)
2 Mr. Mime (I don't have any more)
2 Scyther (I don't have any more)

3 Energy Search (These are essential in this deck)
2 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
2 Comp. Search (I don't have any more)
1 Trader (I don't have any more)
1 Item Finder (I don't have any more)
3 GOW (to use for easy kill and with Swords Dance)
2 Switch
1 Energy Retrieval
4 Plus Power (These save me a lot)
3 Potion

I like to use this in Sudden Death matches. It hasn't lost one yet. I
haven't used it much though. I don't usually have an energy problem due
to the Energy searches, but I haven't played any long matches with it
either. I sometimes don't get enough Pokemon, but this has only been a
problem once. I think the Hitmonlees get in the way due to there fighting
energy only, but I don't know what I would put in instead of them.
you very much,

for these type of decks (haymaker/potpourri) they have a side theme of
energy removal. theres really no reason to not use them.
alot of the extra trainers, trader, item finder, switch, and the potions you
don't really need so you can work with those open slots.
instead of the switches and potions i'd suggest using scoop ups. they work
wonders with all-basic pokemon decks.
for the rest of the slots try to put in the suggested energy removals/super
energy removals.
also i'd suggest using one more of energy search. because of the already
heavy amount of searching you can cut out the computer searches. theres
should be enough drawing with the oaks, bills, and energy searches.
i like the plus powers but i don't think theres space for them.

i don't really think the grass energy is at all necesarry. sword dance is
nice on the first turn but you have no double colorless to use slash for 60
the next turn. even sword dancing second turn and then slashing for 60 you
can already do with any color energy and a double colorless, 30 turn 2 and
turn 3. try to get 2-3 Double colorless.

now to the real meat, the pokemon. first to be thrown out... hitmonlee.
waaay to fighting energy heavy, replace one with that promo electabuzz. also
i'm sure someone would give you another base set electabuzz for a hitmonlee.
somehow you should fit in 12 or more total pokemon.

heres a quick, final, version.


9 Fighting
7 Electric
5 Psychic
3 Double Colorless

2 Hitmonchan
4 Electabuzz (one movie promo, and one on trade)
2 Mr. Mime
2 Scyther (wish you had more of these)
4 Jigglypuff

Trainers: (22)
4 Energy Search
2 Prof. Oak
4 Bill
3 scoop up
4 energy removal
2 super energy removal

well it's a little more cleaned up. if you get more scythers in the future
put them in and 2 jiggly's out. also you should read up on scott gerhardts
potpourri deck.

Justusdux "Dux"

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