Subject: death disruption

Hi, I made this deck with the Idea of disrupting the opponent's poke'mon.
Please help it out.

3 Kabuto
2 Kabutops
2 Aerodactyl (no evolving)
3 Sandshrew
2 Sandslash
3 Grimer
2 Muk (Disable Pokemon Powers. If I want to evolve, just disable
Pkmn Pwr, along with any of the opponent's Pokemon powers)
3 Ekans
2 Arbok

4 Mysterious Fossil
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Potion
3 Super Potion

14 Fighting Energy
12 Grass Energy

I realize, that when I play, I cannot use muk and Aerodactyl, because their
powers cancel each other out. (If I use Aerodactyl's power, I cant evolve to
get Muk out. If i use Muk's power, Aerodactyl cant use his.) To solve
I usually wait till one or the other dies, then send out a new one. (or a
different one.)

Please help. Thanx



First of all, there are alot of sub-standard pokemon in here. Also your
trainers that you use need to be fixed.

I don't like aerodactyl with any deck that uses evo's aside from the aero
itself. Muk kind of offsets it by turning off aero's power but that pretty
much makes aero useless, and for the most part a waste of space. And if aero
is out muk is entirely useless, it turns into a dead card in your hand along
with alot of other cards from your deck. I'd suggest going with one or the
other, and sticking with them.
Personally i like going with muk with any evolutions or basics to mess up
some of the more pokemon powered decks, i.e. raindance and damage swap, and
aero by himself with supporting basics.
So for this deck i would use Muk over Aerodactyl just so it can evolve it's
pokemon without hassle.

Now to the sub-standard pokemon:

Ekans/Arbok: i love both these guys; but scyther is better than both most of
the time.

Sandshrew/Sandslash:  sandshrew is too small. Sandslash has some problems
too, weak attacks is apparent. The first attack is very Blase, and the
second attack is too flip reliant. It's weakness is one of the worst in the
currrent metagame, whatever there is of one. His resistance though is not
something to scoff at, it's easily the best part about sandslash.
Hitmonchan, if possible to get, are always better.

Kabuto/Kabutops: Kabuto is about as weak of a stage one pokemon as u can
possibly get. Kabutops is the only good part about this line. Both attacks
are cost efficient; but these are the least second-color-friendly attack you
can have. He would be much better suited to a mono-fighting deck. Also for a
stage two pokemon his hit points are just astonishingly low. Unfortunately
they both evolve from mysterious fossil.
Once again Hitmonchan is just better, maybe even hitmonlee.

One more thing before i leave the pokemon rant:

You should NOT be putting in more stage one pokemon than basic pokemon. I'll
explain this: there are 4 mysterious fossils in the deck, the most you can
have. There are 5!!! stage one pokemon and 2 stage 2 pokemon. Now having
that many stage ones and stage two's cause ALOT of consistency problems. I
would probably stick to one evolutionary line of mysterious fossils.

On to the trainers!!!

Small rant... what are the energy retrievals for??? I can't find a use for
them at all.

Also where is the card drawing/searching for this deck?

To save space, as this article already rather long, i'm not going to list
the in's/out's for the deck. Instead i'll make up two decks. One with
Aerodactyl in it which is getting more popular as i write this, and the
other with Muk in it. I'll let you choose which one you like better.


Muk version "Muk/Wave"

4 Grimer
2 Muk
4 Scyther
4 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
4 Electabuzz

It's alot of pokemon; but it fills the bench up nice.

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
4 Energy search (has a habit of thinning out your deck, use only when u need
2 Switches
3 gust of Wind

4 Double Colorless Energy
8 Electric Energy
12 Grass Energy

There are alot of other versions you can make, also i put in electabuzz
because he's the least energy reliant Big Basic out there. Pinsir is
unbelievably slow compared to him.


"AeroAssault" Courtesy of

3 Hitmonchan
2 Hitmonlee
3 Mysterious Fossil (I know its a creature but counts as a Pokemon)
3 Aerodactyl
4 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Scyther

14 Fighting Energy
10 Fire Energy

4 Bill
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Prof Oak
4 Energy Removal
2 S.E.R.

It's a deck that was sent to me; but in all honesty theres not much to
change. It's a very good example of an aero deck.


2 deck fixes for the price of one, not bad at all. Well hopefully either one
will help you on your way.

Justusdux "Dux"

Final thought: i hate to split a deck in two but i think in this case it
And yes i got the final thought idea from jerry springer.

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