Okay, anything i fix will stay within the general theme of the deck, for the
most part it's a deck with big heavy hitters. There's really no sub-theme,
and definately not enough trainers.
A few strategy pointers first:
theres to much energy in here, 29 is waaaaaaaay to much for a deck like
this. so take out all the fire energy (!?) then 2 more of each. That still
may be too many after i'm done but it will do for now.
I will never suggest magikarp for any deck, aside from a solid raindance
Like I said in another one of my earlier articles, I will most certainly
remove potions and, in some decks that need the space, super potions. And
yes this deck need the space... for more trainers.

A comment before i get into the pokemon... in most every deck i fix i will
reduce the number of evolutionary lines to 2.

I really do not understand the geodude line, Geodude really sucks, Graveller
is little better, and Golem could possibly be the only reason to use this
line... and only in a finisher role. I just hope you never expect to retreat
him though.

I said above that i will only put in magikarps line in well built raindance
deck... these are gone.

The Krabby line is decent... the basic has decent hp, two good attacks, and
average retreat costs (although his weakness is one of worst out there).
Kingler has bad hp, bad retreat cost, weak first attack and a mildly
undercosted second attack (same bad weakness too).

Use more Hitmonchans if you can get them. Also I would probably remove the
hitmonlee's as i have never liked them since they came out. The Sole
Kangaskhan is the right amount and the right pokemon.

So just a mini review... Magikarp's line is gone, Geodude's line is only
worth it for the finisher golem, Krabby's line is mildly above average, get
more Hitmonchan's, dump the Hitmonlee's, and do absolutely nothing with the

Last comments before i leave the pokemon to rest. Seel could easily replace
the krabby line. They're bigger hitters and better hp... same stupid
weakness. If you still decide to keep the Krabby line, then Jigglypuffs line
(especially wigglytuff) would work so much better than Golem as a finisher.
Just dump all the Krabby's onto your bench with call for family and go for
the kill with the much quicker, and easier to get out, Wigglytuff.
But to keep within the theme, i will only dump the Krabby line. Dewgong is
bigger and hits harder than kingler could ever dream of. Everything else
i'll keep the same.

A review of your trainers (what happened to them??):

Wow the exact opposite of then amount of energy... waaaaaaaaaay too little.
I'm gonna dump all the potions (normal and super), also dump the energy
searches in place of another energy retrieval and some more spots.

Not much of a trainer review.

Well here my final listing.

Pokemon (19)

4 Geodude
3 graveller
2 Golem

3 Seel
2 Dewgong

4 Hitmonchan

1 Kangaskhan

Trainers (16)

4 Bill
1 Professor Oak
3 Switch (everyone has a high retreat cost)
3 Gust of wind
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Energy Removal
2 computer search

energy (25)

14 Fighting energy
9 Water energy
2 Double Colorless energy

This isn't of the usual type of fixes i make, i.e. not any of the big 5, but
i think it will be great against your friends and at least competitive in a
tournament (if played right).

Heres how to play it, start of with either Hitmonchan or Kangaskhan if you
can. Do as much damage as you can as you build up your bench with the ever
evolving Geodude and Seel, then when your starter is about to go down drag
out one of the bigger hitters and try to finish off. It's better to use
Dewgong before Golem because he doesn't hit for quite as much and has a
decent stall attack. Then Finally drag up Golem to finish whats left.
As usual energy removal is a problem with every pokemon aside from 'Chan and
"khan. The only way to battle this, this only slightly helps, is to spread
out the energy between all your benched pokemon. That way when SER does hit
you it wont debilitate all your pokemon. Also for an attack you plan to do
the next turn, try to put on an off-color energy on him instead of putting
say a second fighting energy on hitmonchan instead of that DCE or that water
energy in hand.
If, still, you're having problems with ER and SER, try putting in a couple
lass... just be carefull how you use them.
Everything else about the deck should be farely obvious.

Hope this helped, and Happy Holidays!!

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Robert W" <kaliborn15@hotmail.com>
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Water fight
>Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:25:50 PST
>Hi this my deck its beat all my friends i was just wandering if you could
>help me make it a little better.
>4 energy search
>1 super potion
>1 potion
>1 energy retrieval
>12 water
>14 fighting
>3 fire(used for colorless)
>4 geodude
>4 graveler
>2 golom
>2 magikarp
>1 gyarados
>4 krabby
>3 kingler
>2 hitmonlee
>1 hitmonchan
>1 kangaskhan

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