lemme set something straight, u CANNOT revive a stage one pokemon (raichu).
it says right on the card "put one BASIC pokemon from your discard pile onto
your bench". aside from that i don't like revives anyway.

why have aerodactyl's??? they ruin your strategy, and theme, of the deck,
which is seemingly based around raichu. you can argue that you'll put out
raichu before you put out aerodactyl but by the time that happens your
opponent might have their alakazam, venusaur, or their blastoise already out
and making the aerodactyl pointless. i would personally never use aerodactyl
in a deck with any evolutions except, of course, the other aerodactyl's.

you need more pickachu's. i think the movie promo works the best with
raichu, but if you can't afford, or aren't easily available, then go with
three jungle versions and your sole movie pickachu.

another general note: there is too much energy in here, way too much.
i'll tell you ahead of time, i'm gonna take the potions out. i do this with
every deck with potions in them. they don't heal nearly enough to be
usefull, and super potion isn't much better.

this deck could easily become a bench destruction deck, if all the version
of zapdos were fossil and one of a 3 raichu were fossil; but i'll let you
decide that. if you decide you want to go for it, heres a pre-emptive

pokemon (17)

4 pickachu (movie promo)
3 raichu (2 fossil, 1 basic)

4 electabuzz (an electric deck without this guy? never!)

3 zapdos (fossil)

3 scyther (this and zapdos counteract pickachus and electabuzz fighting
weakness, also he's a great pokemon for most any deck)

trainers (16)

4 bill
2 pokemon trader
3 gust of wind
2 scoop up
3 energy removal
2 super energy removal

energy (25)

22 electric energy
3 double colorless

it's reminiscent of the haymakers trainer set; only one glaring omission,
professor oak. the reason he isn't in there is because you will be thinning
out your deck using pickachus first move, along with the trader and bills
your deck will be close to decking itself. if you find that you're not
drawing enough cards you can take out the traders for the oaks.

alright if you don't like bench destruction heres what i'd do with your
original theme.


4 pickachu (3 fossil, one movie)
2 raichu (base set)

4 electabuzz

2 zapdos (1 fossil, 1 base set)

4 scyther

trainers (20)

4 bill
2 professor oak
3 scoop up
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
2 gust of wind
2 item finder

energy (24)

20 electric energy
4 double colorless

with out the bench destruction theme i thought the deck needed a sub theme
to go along with raichu's agility... energy removal. seven energy removals
and the item finders should really lockdown on your opponents energy.
now it's alot more aggressive. i hope this help in some way, and sorry about
miscounting the energy in the previous reply.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "John Babich" <plants85@rcn.com>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Deck for Repair
>Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 17:06:26 -0800
>     Hi, can you please help me with my deck.  I think it is pretty good,
>but it could use a little work.  Take a look and e-mail me at
>plants85@rcn.com, tell me what you think:
>Thunder Rage
>2x Pikachu (1 movie, 1 jungle)
>2x Raichu (both original)
>2x Zapdos (both original)
>1x Zapdos (fossil)
>2x Aerodactyl
>22x electric
>6x water
>4x double colorless
>4x potion
>4x switch
>4x bill
>2x mysterious fossil
>2x defender
>2x revive
>1x Pokemon trader
>     I would start by evolving the Pikachu's into Raichu's, then I would
>use Aerodactyl's Pokemon power to stop eveloution.  I would battle using
>one of the Raichu's, and two Zapdos.  The other Zapdos and Raichu I would
>save incase a really big hitter came in.  I would use Raichu's Agility
>against Mr. Mime decks, so Mr. Mime would take 20 damage and Raichu has a
>chance of taking none on Mr. Mime's turn.  Aerodactyl I have for the pupose
>of it's Pokemon power, I don't plan to use them unless that is all I have
>left.  I would use Zapdos' Thunder until he is very low on hit points, then
>as a final blow I would use a Thunderbolt.  I would use fossil Zapdos in
>case there is a big hitter on the opponent's bench, that way when it comes
>in it will already have it points.  The deck, though, is centered around
>the Raichu's.  I would mainly use Agility (I know that is running a risk),
>then once in a while I would use a Thunder attack.  If Raichu takes damage
>I would use a  potion to take some damage off.  If a Raichu is knocked out
>I would use a revive (Even if it only gains 1/2 HP back I don't see why
>everyone thinks it is so bad).  I would use the water energy and the
>switches to get Pokemon on/off the bench, so I don't have to discard
>electric energy.  That is about it, thanks for taking a look and please
>e-mail me back, thank you!

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