raindance with a kick, neat. there isn't much at all to fix, add in a lapras
or two, fix around the trainers... not too many though.
here's what i'd list it as.

pokemon (20)
4 squirtle
2 wartortle (they're one of the few who doesn't really need blastiose)
3 blastoise

4 articuno
2 lapras (didn't want to use another evo. line, so these will do)

2 pinsir
3 scyther

trainers (16)

4 bill (see a pattern with my decks?)
3 professor oak
3 pokemon trader
2 gust of wind
2 energy retrieval (lovely in raindance)
2 pokemon breeder

energy (24)

8 leaf energy
16 water energy

i didn't want to bore you with an entire article, so i just went straight to
the fix. also your deck wasn't much off in the first place.

just one remark, as you should know lapras is mainly used as a mr.mime
killer. he's also rather good at magmars.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Lillie Wilson" <wilson02@flash.net>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Water Grass Deck
>Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:48:33 -0500
>Hello again...I thought your advice last time was terrific and with that
>deck I beat my friend the next day with the few changes...OK I need help
>with this deck...it is newly made and I think it is better than the last so
>could you help me again?
>Pokemon: 17
>04 Squirtle
>03 Wartortle              (could i take these out since i have the pokemon
>02 Blastoise
>04 Articuno
>02 Pinsir
>02 Scyther
>Trainers: 18
>03 Plus Power
>04 Pokemon Breeders
>02 Energy Search
>02 Professor Oak
>02 Bill
>01 Computer Search
>02 Gust Of Wind
>02 Switch
>Energy: 26
>16 Water
>10 Grass
>The object of this deck is similar to get fast and quick damage with
>Scyther and to get heavy damage with the others. The Blastoise is the fire
>pokemon killer and is used to build up my water pokemon quicker for heavy
>damage. The Articuno is for heavy damage and also for electric pokemon
>since is has no weakness to electric. Pincer is in there for more heavy
>damage and for electric pokemon that may cause a threat to Blastoise.
>Scyther is also there for electric pokemon and for quick heavy damage. The
>Plus Power is for more damage and the breeders are for the Blastoise
>family. The rest are self explanitory for the most part.

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