first a little realization, this deck will be horribly inconsistent played
as you listed. even if you cut out some cards it still wouldn't play right.
there just isn't enough search for the key ingredients for the deck (i.e.
gengar and alakazam). a deck thats strategy is entirely keyed on getting the
right pokemon when you need to, stall and raindance in particular, normally
have an awful lot of search cards. the best one being pokemon trader, you
don't have any of these. also more bills, 4 total in fact, are what i
suggest for a more combo based deck. if you plan to make the deck more
speedy you should look into pokemon breeders, though if you don't you have
the wonderfull first stage evolutions haunter (fossil) and kadabra which can
be even better.

if you plan to use the alakazams as a stall portion of the deck you'll need
either scoop ups or pokemon centers to give them full potential, none are
listed in here unfortunately.
enough of strategy in general.

the reason you have too many cards is you have waaaaaaaaaaay to much energy.
24 or 25 is the right amount that should be used. also you don't really need
all that much psychic energy, you'll want to keep the pokemon that use all
of that psychic energy on the bench, and the bigger hitters up front. and
the only true psychic fighter uses one psychic, the others either use
fighting or anything.

anyway, heres a list of what i'd make out of it.

pokemon (21) this is as low as i can get without cutting out functionality.

4 abra
3 kadabra
2 alakazam

3 gastly
2 haunter
1 gengar

2 mr. mime

2 chansey

2 scyther (eliminates any other type of energy other than psychic)

trainers (15)

4 bill
3 pokemon trader
3 pokemon center
3 scoop up
2 professor oak

energy (24)

20 psychic
4 double colorless

the trainers are a little fewer than what i'm used to but they'll do just
a few other comments, energy removal isn't used much in stall decks, the
switches would still be in there if i didn't add in the scoop ups and the
scythers, and if you can find room for gust of winds put them in.

well anyway, it's now an more offensive stall deck. i hope this helped you

Justusdux "Dux"

<<<<<<<final thought: to anyone who was suppose to have your deck posted
last week, they were affected by scotts computer problem and i didn't back
any of them up. if you still want them posted please email me back the fix i
sent to you. sorry about this, and from now on i'm going to back up all my

>From: "TruAzn BadBoi" <>
>Subject: i need some help on my deck...
>Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 16:42:11 PST
>Hi, i just wanted to say i need help with my deck ... it has too many cards
>in it and i needed some suggestions ... can you help me by telling me what
>to take out and what to put in. Thanks.  Here is my deck:
>4 Abras
>3 Kadabras
>2 Alakazams
>3 Gastly (1 fossil)
>2 Haunters
>1 Gengar
>2 Mr. Mimes
>2 Chanseys
>3 Hitmonchans
>22 total
>2 Bills
>2 Pro. Oak
>2 Energy removal
>2 Switch
>2 Gust of wind
>2 Computer search
>12 total
>20 Psychic energy cards
>10 Fighting energy cards
>2 Colorless energy cards
>Total cards: 66
>32 total
>                                 Sincerely,
>                                 Erik

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