okay about the venomoths resistance changing when he chages his type. no,
venomoths resistance never changes if thats what you're trying to imply. the
only use the power has is to double damage from it's one attack, by the way
of weakness. also remember to change it to a fire type that you want to,
either you or your opponent must have a fire pokemon.
vonomoth is still really good though.

on to the usual pokemon review.

the magmar's are fine, maybe put in another one. my problem is the
non-splashability (just made that word) of the growlithe line. they both
have nice hit points and do a lot of damage but unless it's a mono-fire deck
they just don't quite work. charmanders line on the other hand can have
absolutely no fire energy on it and still attack, i believe he's one of the
few pokemon that can do this. all your grass pokemon require 2 leaf energy
to use their good attacks, and that would mean that fire should be the
energy that has less and should be splashed in. i think that covers the fire

on to the grass!!
hmmm tangela? i'm not in love with the hit points but they'll do. truthfully
aside from the low hp of the pokemon they're all good. i would add in
scythers but like you said in the beggining of your article your tourney is
just fire, grass, or colorless. so try to stay away from many of the fire
weak pokemon. when i think about this some more maybe you should make it one
less tangela and one more koffing. that removes a little of the fire

trainers... not much needed here.
only suggestion is dumping the item finders in place of energy retrievals.
22 energy is a little low for a deck that requires two energy for each
pokemon to do well, as in all your pokemons best attacks require a minimum
of two energy and relying on getting enough to supply your pokemon with only
22 energy is a bit of gambling you shouldn't have to do. also the energy
retrievals will somewhat counteract the guaranteed large amount of energy
removal that i think you will see.

here a mock up of what i'd expect haymaker type people to play.

4 magmar (fosill)

4 scyther
2 pinsir

4 dratini
3 dragonair (didn't expect these did you?)

4 bill
2 professor oak
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
3 scoop up
2 computer search

4 double colorless
12 fire energy
9 leaf energy

it's a very heavy energy removal haymaker. i think that dragonairs could be
very dangerous in your tourney, nothing except more energy removals
counteract him.

also watch out for mono-fire decks. people would expect that if it's just
fire/grass/colorless that the only weakness that matters is grass' weakness
to fire, some will try to prey on this. fire pokemon to watch out for:
magmar, charmeleon, rapidash, and in some cases arcanine.

another possible deck would be a mono-grass stall deck. using venusaurs on
the bench and any of the larger coloress pokemon up front then moving the
energy around and using pokemon centers, then use item finders to get back
the pokemon centers. i don't think you'll see it at all but it's possible.

wow i think i over-analysed your tourney. well i hope i gave you some

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Michael Haffner" <mikehaff@earthlink.net>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Deck Machanic
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 04:16:43 -0600
>This deck is called Christmas Colors.
>I have used it a few times and it seems to do very well, and I made this
>deck because in a tourny coming-up soon the only colors aloud will be:
>grass, fire and colorless. It is based on all the confusion, posion and
>paralis attacks, it shows how well the grass type can do, also I have put
>in a few fire pokemon as well, but not as many.
>Fire Pokemon: (8)
>3 Growlithe
>2 Arcanine
>3 Fossil Magmar
>Grass Pokemon: (12)
>4 Tangela
>3 Venonat
>2 Venomoth
>3 Koffing
>3 Plus Power
>3 Gust of Wind
>2 Computer Search
>2 Item Finder
>3 Bill
>2 Proffesor Oak
>3 Energy Removal
>10 Grass
>12 Fire
>First I put the arcanines in, even though they ae slow, because I usume
>most people will have fossil magmars, scythers and pinsirs in their decks.
>I put tangela, basicly the only pokemon with a weakness to fire, in beause
>of it's good status effecting moves. Now while venonat may be weak to fire
>(here's where my plan comes in) when it evolves into venomoth it can change
>it;s type, so it will no have the weakness to fire, infact I will gain an
>edge if they have a grass pokemon out and I change his type to fire(I think
>this works) and then his move will have double damage, which doesn't make
>much of a difference anyways, because of his 10 damage move, but the good
>thing is the opponent will be losing damage like heck, if the coin toss is
>heads. Now I put koffing in because of his guaraunteed status effect, which
>means that the opponent will likely lose an additional 20 damage to the
>already 10 damge and plus they may miss their attack. For the trainers the
>gusts are to try to bring out an opponent without energy and not let it
>reatreat because of paralyze and confusion, other-wise the trainers are
>pretty much basic ones to have in a deck. Now I put a slitely higher amount
>of fire energy because of arcanine's high energy cost.
>Well that's my deck, and I have no card restrictions, so change away.
>From ***POKEMASTER***

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