all poison deck, sounds like fun. anyways, i'd dump the muks. they interfere
with venomoths too much, and i like using koffings more. also if you want
more poison you can look into arbok.
i'd also advise you dump the pinsirs for energy, and also nidorino is a
cheaper pinsir already.  your deck seems to lack a correct amount of energy
also so put in two grass energy in it's place, or maybe two energy
looks like it's alot more fun to play than any of the big three. email me
back on it's results.

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: my deck "lethal injection"
>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:05:21 EST
>hi, my deck is called letal injection because the main point is to poison
>enemy.  plus i just thought the name was cool.  anyway, could you please
>me any ways that i could fix it.  thanx
>4 nidoran (male)
>3 nidorino
>2 nidoking
>3 venonat
>2 venomoth (i this guys "venom powder", its sooo anoying)
>3 grimer
>2 muk
>3 scyther
>2 pincir
>3 bill
>2 oak
>3 energy removal
>2 pokeball(dont have any traders, so this is just gonna have to do for now)
>4 plus power
>2 g.o.w
>17 grass energy
>3 d. colerless

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