first answer, yes it is good enough to enter. the only thing is if your up
against haymaker or raindance you'll be in trouble. thats not to say that
you wont have a chance but it will be difficult and is very doubtfull if
you'll overpower anyone.
some hints if you face either of the aformentioned deck. if facing raindance
get out mr.mime out front! the only pokemon common to raindance that hurts
him is lapras.
if facing haymaker... ummm just play REALLY carefully. theres not much that
counteracts haymaker. hmmm maybe a suicidal gastly against a hitmonchan
active and pure fighting bench.

with the pokemon i'm just gonna tighten up the numbers a bit.
put 4 fossil magmars in. he's uncommon so he's easy to get.
you can keep the psychics the same, but if you get another haunter or gengar
put them in. the ideal ratio would be 4-3-2, all fossil.
i'm not sure about what i should do about the tauros and the jiggly's. i
like jiggly better in general but tauros can do alot more damage.
best option would be take out the jigglys and use the slots for the 4th
magmar and another bill. so i guess you keep the tauros in.

ahh onto the trainers, much more interesting.
alright i'm just gonna kick out alot of the excess. potions are gone, energy
retrievals are gone, and last and certainly least out go the defenders. a
little explanation for the retrievals, i would keep them but i plan to take
out at least 3 fire energy and need more room to search for them. meaning
one more energy search.

okay that leaves a nice gaping whole in the listing... 8 unfilled spots plus
the spots from the fire energy which will probably be replaced by psychic

you can figure out what i put in from this updated list.

pokemon (17)

4 fossil magmar

2 mr.mime
2 jynx

4 gastly (please get some fossil versions)
2 haunter (1 base, 1 fossil. try to get another fossil ver.)
1 gengar (try to get another one

2 tauros

trainers (22)

4 bill
2 professor oak
4 energy search
1 computer search (take this out if you get to many search cards)
<<<< this may be too much searching for this deck >>>>
4 energy removal
3 gusts
2 switches
2 mr.fuji (sometimes better than scoop ups)

energy (21)

9 fire energy
12 psychic

hmmm just a little tightening was needed. hope it helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Lillie Wilson" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Psychic Fire Blast
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 18:04:41 -0500
>Here is my deck and i would like for you to take a look at it for me. I
>just made it and i would like to know if it is good enough to enter in a
>tourney or not. I have a limited stock. Well here it is!
>03 Magmar- 2 fossil 1 basic
>02 Jynx
>02 Mr Mime
>03 Gastly
>02 Haunter-1 Fossil 1 basic
>01 Gengar-Fossil
>03 Jigglypuff
>02 Tauros
>02 Switch
>02 Computer Searches
>04 Potion
>03 Bill
>02 Professor Oak
>03 Energy Search
>03 Energy Retrieval
>02 Defender
>10 Fire
>12 Psychic
>The main strategy of my deck is to stall with Mr Mime and Jigglypuff and
>wait to build up the Magmars and to get out Gengar. With them out i can
>deal heavy damage and do a little damage swap with Gengar. The Computer
>Searches are in there for the Gengar line, the Energy Search for the
>Magmars, and the Defenders for extra stallers. In my opinion i think this
>will do very good and will make the matches last awhile. Please tell me
>what you think!

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