To keep in theme for this deck i'm not going to change alot to it.

i like base set magmar before fossil came out, once i saw what fossil magmar
could do i never used base again, thats just my choice. it's up to you to
keep the magmar config the way it is or not.

anyway about your weekness to water, well normally i'd suggest putting in
electabuzz; but this time strangely i'd put in scythers instead. for a water
pokemon it has a choice of weakness, lightning is the first that comes to
mind, but for the bigger hitting lines (i.e. poliwrath, gyarados) they gave
them a weakness to grass. now the only consistent water deck out there is
raindace and in most of them they contain a heavy hitter along with the
usual lapras or articuno, the bigger hitters tend to be the poliwag line,
magikarp line, or the much cheeper seel line, any way you cover two of three
bases by putting in the scythers.
next your deck only has one resistance, psychic, and thats only because of
the jigglypuff line. to say that only having one resistance is bad is an
understatement, you need something to stop getting pounded while you build
up a little and for most decks they rely on a resistance to slow the game
down till they can get control.
secondly putting in a grass pokemon will mean overall nobody has any
resistance to your deck, as grass, fire, and colorless pokemon are resisted
by nothing. now all you have to do is worry about your own weaknesses. we
have scyther to cover the fire pokemons weakness, also scyther for jiggly's
weakness. now of course the best way to cover scyther weakness would be to
put a water pokemon in, well unfortunately there are no good water pokemon
that splash well with anything other than water, except maybe wartortle.
putting him in would cover you entirely but i'd probably keep it as just the
scythers going in, just keep the wartortle in mind.
anyway i'd suggest putting in the scythers in place of the growlithe line,
you'll have to spots left for you to put whatever you want in it.

Asking me whether to put in charizards is kinda pointless, i've hated
charizard since i saw what he did. for the most part i don't really like
stage two pokemon either, the only one i like is general they
are too slow, like you said, and take up too much energy. that usually makes
them alot more fragile too disruption (gusts and s/er's). alright enough
dissing the stage two's for today it think.

well now you have a deck with six pokemon with no retreat cost, that could
make some cool tricks. wow for talking so much the only thing i did was put
in scyther.

one thing about the trainers, mr. fuji's seem to be popping up in a lot of
posts lately. i'm just pointing that out, no real comment here.

Justusdux "Dux"

one last thing, for those last two spots put in bills. i love to see four
bills in ever deck i help with.

>Subject: Playing With Fire
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 23:13:50 EST
>My deck is called "Playing With Fire". It usually does good in tournies,
>the new fossil Magmar has really helped it. However, sometimes the water
>cards give some trouble. Any idea on how to improve my deck?
>Basic Pokemon
>2 Magmar (Base Set)
>2 Magmar (Fossil Set)
>4 Charmander (Good attacker)
>3 Ponyta (Also good)
>3 Growlithe
>3 Jigglypuff (Good staller, OK attack)
>Stage 1
>3 Charmeleon (Very strong)
>2 Arcanine (Very powerful)
>2 Rapidash (Agility really helps)
>2 Wigglytuff (Do The Wave is good)
>20 Fire Energy (I think I need more)
>2 Double colorless (Help Wiggly/Pony)
>2 Mr. Fuji (Save Pokes, and return energy to my deck)
>2 Energy Retrieval (Fire discards a lot)
>2 Bill (To help get cards)
>2 Computer Search (Really good)
>2 Professor Oak (Good when you have a small hand)
>2 Gambler (No discard, unlike Oak)
>I try to use this deck at the start using Fossil Magmar/Jiggly to stall,
>Charmander to help fight, until I power up Growlithe and Charmander to
>Arcanine and Charmeleon. Base Magmar helps deal heavy damage. Rapidash
>stall with Agility. Wiggly helps over come my Water-weakness. Thanx, and I
>hope you can help my deck. Also, I have a few Charizard, but I don't use
>them, because I find Stage 2 evolutions to be slow, and 'Zard takes a while
>ot re-energize ( but should I add them anyways?).

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