a little lacking in a few section but it's looks fine otherwise.
you say your lacking in heavy hitters? well guess who's incredibly good with
gengars powers? yup, mr.mime. his meditate just works wonders with gengar,
turning hard kills into east kills. also his pokemon power just destroys
raindance, but you still have to watch out for lapras. also being able to
dump off the 20 damage he could take a turn onto chansey or whatever else on
the bench can be crushing for a player without gust of winds in hand. he's a
perfect fit.
now you need some room for three of them. you have a choice here, you can
either take out two breeders or one of each of the stage ones. your choice
entirely. and for that last spot take out one energy removal.

as for the energy shortage, you might want to consider putting in another
bill and oak; or you might want to just use two energy retrievals. for the
two spots take out one more regular energy removal and one super.

not much needed, a quickie.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: Thesammokim@cs.com
>To: pokefreakazoid@yahoo.com, crash_landon@hotmail.com,       
>me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com, Souper451@aol.com, pernspike@yahoo.com,       
>Subject: Alakawham
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 00:35:48 EST
>Please Post This!!!!
>My deck is an alakzam/gengar deck.  My strategy is to swap damage to
>and scoop or pokecenter it off, while gengar goes and kills on the bench.
>The Breeders are to get the 2nd stages out.  The big hitters, gengar,
>alakzam, kadabra, and sometimes chansey kill of pokemon, but i think i need
>more hard hitters.  And sometimes i have a shortage of energies.  Help!
>4 abra
>2 kadabra
>2 alakazam
>4 ghastly fossil
>2 haunter fossil
>2 gengar
>2 chansey
>4 ER
>4 SER
>4 Pokemon Breeder
>3 Pokecenter
>2 scoopup
>3 bills
>1 oak
>2 comp search
>19 psychic energy

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