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Subject: suggestions on my deck

hello dux!allright here is my deck, it is a deck based around the whole
Exeggutor idea with Venasaur their to put on the energy. NOTE:i have a
        Bulbasaur's Egg

        23 grass energy(may sound kinda low but venasaur's pokemon power
really helps)

         3 bulbasaurs
         2 ivysaurs(moderate attacker)
         1 venasaur(big hitter,great p. power, high hitpoints)
         3 weedles
         2 kakunas
         1 beedrill(must have in a mono grass deck,resitance to fight,no
retreat cost)
         4 exeggcute(sorta like a mini bulbasaur)
         3 exeggutor(main star of my deck he can hit for huge points)
         3 lickitung (good staller when when trying to beef up my big
         2 koffings (different weakness than most plant pokemons)
         1 pinsir (very good basic; in my opinion, better than scyther)

         2 pokemon centers (works well with venasaur)
         4 potions (helps stall)
         2 bills (good card)
         1 professor oak (helps me to get the cards I need)
         1 pokemon trader
         1 computer search
         1 pokemon breeder (helps me get out venasaur or beedrill quickly)

        My strategy is about getting out venasaur quickly and using his
pokemon power
constantly. The lickitungs, koffings and pinsir are good for the beginning
the game
while the exeggutors are good for the middle of the game. The reason that I
didn't do a
haymaker is because I want to be original and not just copy off of somebody
else. Would
you please rate my deck too. Thanx. You can email me at

First of all stick too, at most, two family evolutions. In other words
having the weedle family is kinda pushin the consistency of your deck.
Because you have a limited cards stock i'll just list some suggestions this
time instead of just listing out an entirely new deck.

On the pokemon front i'd first take out the entire weedle line. The idea of
lickitung stalling is a good one, only problem with stalling with him is if
you face the ever popular hitmonchan. So maybe one lickitung out, and two
bird pokemon in (farfetch'd?).
You should probably keep in the koffings and the pinsir... maybe one more

For the trainers i'd put in more bills and a couple of switches, you may
want to consider one or two energy retrievals because of the high number of
decks using energy removal, and also because you are running so few energy.

One last comment, Double colorless energies work great with exeggutor. 3
should be fine.

Justusdux "Dux"

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