some quick help? alright.
needs more jigglypuffs, i think theyre common. take out the staryu line for
them, you have one open slot now.
decrease the dce's by two, replace them with energy retrievals if you can
get them, other wise put in two switches or gust of winds.
for that last spot put in another seel for another basic, also common.

you'll still be doing mulligans alot with only 11 basics, but not many
players draw the extra 2 after the second mulligan.

i hope i could help, and good luck.

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: please help my deck soon
>Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 23:52:51 EST
>hi, i really think this deck need help.  i would appreciate if you could
>me some help with this deck soon, because the local card show opens
>and i'd like to get my deck finished asap.thank you
>The point is to stall by puting the enemy to sleep with jiggly until i get
>venusaur and dewgong beefed up.
>3energy removal
>2super energy removal
>2pkmn. breeder
>1comp. search
>12water energy
>13grass energy
>4d. colerless
>there it is, please help me.  also i dont have many cards or much money to
>work with.
>thank you again.

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