Ack.... School's kept me busy with projects and whatnot so I haven't had time to do any fixes >_<  But anyway, here's the deck:

Well, well, well. NEVER did I think that the deck garage would see a ROCKET!!!!!!? WTG! I wish you well, for you are on the road to lots of emails, pokefame, and twice as much spam mail.=/ Well, I won't bother you, I just want a deck fix.

Chansey's revenge

14 pokemon
4 Chansey
3 unown n
3 cleffa
2 erika's dragon baby
1 erika's puff
1 scyther

11 nrg
3 recycle
4 metal

35 trainers
4 oak
4 cpu
3 item finder
4 g berry
2 pluspower
3 ER
4 no removal gym
2 switch
3 nrg charge/recycle

First I don't know if i should nrg charge or recycle, both flips and both different, Next, for those of you who are avid message boarders, we all know I don't hang around the unlimited deck forum. Reason, I stink in unlimited, so no trash please! You Should now the strategy, so i'll leave it to you.=/

The Ghetto Jedi

Lol, thanks for the congrats, always nice to hear ^_^.  Annnyway, let's get on to the fix-age.


Wellsir, if I were you I'd ditch the dratini.  Add another Scyther, 3 igglybuff as Slowking is just sic in unlimited, and 1 tyrouge to counter fellow chanseys/fables/wigglys.  Ditch the puff, it's nice for a FTKO, but I just don't like it in this deck, and by getting rid of the plus's associated with puff, you free up space.


Boost your 'Finder count to 4, ditch the plus powers, the regular energy removals, drop your gym count by 1, drop your energy charge count by 1 (energy charge allows you to get 2 cards for the price of 1, should you get through the flip, which you can comp for later or get lucky in topdecking.), add 3 Lass for the lass/eeeeeeek combo, and 2 Elm for another card drawing card.  


Okai, max out on the recycle and that finishes this fix.

The Metal Powder Puff of Doom: (striking fear into the hearts of your opponents)

Pokemon: 16

1 Tyrouge
4 Chansey
3 Unknown N
3 Cleffa
3 Igglybuff
2 Scyther

Trainers: 32

4 Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Item Find
4 Gold Berry
3 Gust of Wind
3 No Removal/Ecogym
2 Energy Charge
3 Lass
2 Elm

Energy: 12

4 Recycle energy
4 Metal energy

Alrighty, that's my fix, hope ya liked it!  Alas, the horrible entity that is homework is beckoning me.... *sighs*  Later all =\