Hey all! Time for a deck fix!
Hi, Satoshi
I'd like to post a deck,i've used it 5 times.
And lost only two times, because of water decks.
Do you know a defense for water decks
( Pokemon 18 )
3. Houndour    (1 Fire  2 Dark)
3. Houndoom
2. Sneasel
1. Eevee (Promo)
1. Umbreon  (Feint Attack)
1. Charmander   (Base)
1. Charmeleon   (Base)
1. Charizard       (Base)
1. Entei (Promo)
2. Growlithe      (Base)
2. Arcanine      (Base)
( Energy 21 )
2. Dark
4. DCE
2. FHE
1. PE
12. Fire
( Trainers 21 )
2. Ecogym
1. SER
1. Narrow Gym
1. Sabrina's Gaze
2. Lt.Surge's Treaty
4. Gold Berry
4. Berry
1. New Pokedex
1. Misty's Duel
2. Secret Mission
1. Energy Retrieval
1. Energy Removal
Oh boy... >_<
Okay, first off, the Pokémon. Ditch the following: Charmander/Meleon/Zard,
Growlithe and Arcanine, Eevee and Umbreon, and the Entei. This gives us 10
spaces to work with. I like the inclusion of the Houndoom family, and 3-3 is
a solid line. We're also leaving the Sneasel not as the core of the deck,
but as an eary game hitter/backup deal. Okay, let's add in three Blaine's
Vulpix lv18 and three Blaine's Ninetales as well. Usually I wouldn't
recommend two evolution lines in a deck, but these guys work well together,
imo. Blaine's Ninetales can be fully pumped by turn two, giving you plenty
of time to charge up Houndoom on the bench while you beat 'em silly with
everyone's favorite fox. With the remaining four spaces, let's add in three
Fossil Magmar and one Blaine's Charmader lv...uhm, the level escapes me at
the moment, but I'm talking about the energy removing "Kindle" version. With
a Fire and Recycle Energy on this guy, he's a force to be reckoned with.
That should do it for the Pokémon:
Pokémon: 18
3 Houndour (1 Fire, 2 Dark)
3 Houndoom
3 Blaine's Vulpix lv18
3 Blaine's Ninetales
3 Magmar (f)
2 Sneasel
1 Blaine's Charmander
Moving on to the trainers now. First we're gonna work out the "Bare
Essentials"-that is, the inclusion of Oak, CPU Search, and Itemfinder.
Unless it's under a certain format, every deck should at least include a
3-3-3 'line' on these three cards, imo. So, let's remove the New Pokédex,
Misty's Duel, 2 Secret Mission, Energy Removal, Energy Retrieval, all four
Berry, and the two Lt. Surge's treaty for 4 Professor Oak, 4 Computer
Search, and 4 Itemfinder. Next, you asked for protection against water.
Well, with Blaine's pokémon in this deck, I think I have one. Take out the
two Ecogym for two Cinnibar City Gym, which offers a fairly good insurance
policy for fire types. Next, let's remove a Gold Berry for a single Gust of
Wind. What was once a "mandatory three" card can now pull its weight at but
one. Let's also remove the Full Heal Energy and the Potion Energy for 2
Misty's Wrath and a single Nightly Garbage Run. Finally, take out the Narrow
Gym, Sabrina's Gaze, and SER for three Blaine, a must for Blaine's
Ninetales. That'll do it for the Trainers:
Trainers: 24
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Itemfinder
3 Gold Berry
3 Blaine
2 Cinnibar City Gym
2 Misty's Wrath
1 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Gust of Wind
Now, the Energy. As of now, we have 4 DCE, 12 Fire Energy, and 2 Dark
Energy. Let's take a DCE and a Fire Energy for two more Dark Energy. My,
that was quick. ;) The Energy now looks like this:
Energy: 18
11 Fire Energy
4 Dark Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
Okay, we're done here. Enjoy your newly revised "Ultimate Flame" deck. Good
luck and happy gaming!!