Hey all! I'm back with another fix for ya. Enjoy!
Hey Satoshi, I have an average deck that could use some work. It is a
mixture of hand disruption and just plain KO'ing my opponent. Here it is:
Giovanni's Long Lasting Deck
Pokemon: 17
4 Giovanni's Machop (evolution)
3 Giovanni's Machoke (evolution)
3 Giovanni's Machamp (hurt em)
3 Gligar (stalling and a overall good card)
4 Cleffa (stalling/card drawing)
Trainers: 25
3 Pokemon Breeders (machamp)
4 Focus Band (machamp)
4 Oak (drawing)
4 Itemfinder (retrieving)
4 Computer Search (drawing)
2 Nightly Garbage Run (retrieving)
4 Lass (EEEKKKK!)
Energies: 18
2 Recycle Energy (anyone)
4 Steel Energy (machamp)
12 Fighting Energy (Duh!)
Hmmm...I like, I like. Original strategy, _very_ original Pokémon
choices...just a few things to fix while you're here.
First off, drop all but 2 Cleffa; four is an invite for the dreaded "Lone
Cleffa of Death"-that is, having one Cleffa to start out and your opponent
flipping heads. =/ Ouch. Anyway, in their places go 2...Chansey! Yes,
Chansey. With 4 Metal Energy in here, we can use the powerful puffball as a
backup hitter a la Steel Edge.
The trainers look good for the most part, but we can improve on them a bit.
Nix 2 Lass in favor of two Giovanni. This guy can come in real handy in a
pinch, and having a turn _one_ Giovanni's Machoke is a great intimidation
move. Next, Nix a Focus Band for a Misty's Wrath for the sole purpose of
draw power, and we'll move on.
The Energy looks good; however, with the inclusion of Chansey, I'd like to
change those Recycle Energy to Double Colorless-this'll help Chansey get
powered up faster. Next, take out 2 Fighting Energy for two more DCE. Guess
what? We're done!
Overall, this deck was great to begin with-it had an original theme, which
isn't seen a lot in today's environment. Good luck and happy gaming,