I need help with this deck and since it is a water deck I think you might be
able to help. (I have no recycle energy or Gold Berries.) Any way here is the

Squirtle 4 (Rocket)
Dark Wartortle 2
Dark Blastoise 2
Blastoise 1 (Base Set 2)
Koga's Ditto 2
Wooper 2
Scyther 2
Lapras 2

Water Energy 18

Trainer: 21
Professor Elm 2
Pokemon Trader 3
Focus Band 2
Gust of Wind 3
Moo-Moo  Milk 3
Switch 2
Bill 3
Breeder 3

And that's it. I hope you can fix it.

Drop both Dark Wartortle, 1 Dark Blastoise, both Koga's Ditto and both Scyther. Steel Zapdos/Electabuzz decks are very popular...The Dark Wartortle and Dark Blastoise evolutions can't even compete with it. Add in 2 more Base Blastoise if you want to stand a chance against Lighting decks. Wooper can help against Lighting, but then again, most decks run Scyther. =/ You need Cleffa, BADLY...add in 3 of those. Just like Cleffa, Igglybuff should be in MOST decks. If Slowking is popular in your area, I strongly suggest 2 of these little balloon guys. :/

You're playing a little bit more Water Energy than necessary...drop 4. Also, drop 2 Double Colorless. Right now, Wooper is the only Pokémon in the deck that uses DCE...so cutting 2 wouldn't really hurt. You stated above that you don't have any Recycle Energy - Ouch. In place of those, use 2 Full Heal Energy. Full Heal Energy is obviously there to counter status. Good, we have 4 extra slots...

Drop both Elm, 3 Pokémon Trader, 3 Bill, both Focus Band, 3 Moo-Moo Milk, 1 Switch and 1 Gust of Wind. Focus Band and Moo-Moo Milk are coinflips (which I hate). Bill doesn't do much in the current enviroment as well as Trader. You stated above that you also don't have Gold Berries.  Well, do your best to get some...get 3 (they own). You need some heavy draw power, go 4 Professor Oak. For your search power, play 3 Computer Search and for recycling lost cards, play 3 Item Finder. Every deck should play atleast 2 Nightly Garbage Run, so do just that. ALL decks should be running either Energy Removal or Super Energy Removal or even both with all the Sneasel and Steel Chansey decks running around - 2 Super Energy Removal should work just fine. You need a counter gym, try 2 Sprout Tower.  
You need some sort of Hand disruption, obviously the best choice here is to go with Lass (Eeeeeeek/Lass combo). Play 3 of those.  

This is very weird. I'm positively sure I did not cut the Breeders. And for some reason they don't fit. This kinda reminds me of the X-Files when sometimes nothing makes sense. =/ Ok, so we'll have to make room. Drop the Dark Blastoise, Switch and 1 Full Heal Energy to make those 3 Breeders fit.

It should now look like this...

Revised Raindance

Pokémon (16)
4 Squirtle (TR)
3 Blastoise
3 Cleffa
2 Lapras
2 Wooper
2 Igglybuff

Trainers (27)
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Gold Berry
3 Pokémon Breeder
3 Lass
2 Gust of Wind
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Sprout Tower

Energy (17)
14 Water Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
1 Full Heal Energy

Good luck with your revised Raindance deck...