It was a hectic week in Spikeland, broken only by one of my favorite holidays (Labor Day.) All too soon, it was back to school. Not to mention time to update the Deck Garage again. Once again, I neglected it until the last minute due to other pressing concerns, and thereby found myself searching for decks to fix at 10:00 on a Tuesday night.


TRYING to search for decks to fix.

Yahoo wouldn't open.

My decks were trapped behind the impenetrable wall of a malfunctioning e-mail account. I guess when you use a free service such as Yahoo, you get what you pay for.

"Oh, Vulpix?"


"Vulpix, you know those people who would send *you* decks to fix every now and then, apparently not realizing or not caring that I'M the deck mechanic?"

"Pix. Vulpix vulp!"

"Do you still have those decks?"

"Ixvul! Vulpix vulpix pix!"

"Would you mind fixing some of them for this week's update so your master doesn't go any more insane than he normally is?"

*bounding excitedly* "Vulpix vulpix ixvul ix ix vulpix pix!!!"

That was an enthusiastic "yes," in case you didn't notice. Vulpix got a chance to do some deck fixes again (even though he claims not to be enamored of writing anything else for the site, he jumped at the chance to do fixes) and my nerves were saved. And sometime soon, my mailbox will rise from the ashes like the phoenix of legend. Ende gut, alles gut.

Well... maybe not. I still haven't seen what sort of job he did on the fixes...


"Whenever you find yourself in the majority, it's time to pause
and reflect." --Mark Twain

I have a whole file full of my favorite quotes. Maybe I'll post more of them up here.

Next Week: The polls! HAHAHAHAHA!!! (Made you look.)


and of course Vulpix


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