>Mew X4
>(It's a great card, in late game anyway. My fav too!)
>Mewtwo X3
>(I got another Promo variant. 'Nuff said.)
>Mr. Mime X2
>(Yousa have Blastoise? Slow death await you...)
>3 Scyther
>(Asuming Dad buys. Otherwise, 1 Scy to Fetch (Far))
>2 Fossil Gastly
>3 Base Ponyta
>(Awesome splash)
>2 Jungle Rapidash
>(I love it!)
>4 Bill
>2 Professor Oak
>4 Energy Removal
>2 Super Energy Removal
>2 Gust 'o' Wind
>2 Nighttime Garbage Run
>4 PlusPower
>15 Psy Energy
>3 DCE
>The strategy has changed too. Now I prefer to start with Ponyta, Scyther, or Mewtwo. Having 8 Pokemon >without Resistances is helpful as at least 2 will escape Prizes. Beat down, and opponent DIE!



This deck is already great... I'll show you a few things you could do to make it better. No, I'm not going to tell you to change it to fire and put Ninetales in, although that's certainly an option worth considering.

4 Mews are excessive if they're only for late game. If it's your favorite, keep all 4 in by all means, but if you can bear to take one or two out I would recommend it. Everything else is decent, although I'd really think about dropping Rapidash for a fourth Scyther and maybe a couple colorless like Chansey or Kangaskhan.

One exception... Base Gastly is bad here. You have NGR and you don't want to waste the attack. Lose him.

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, Trainers. First of all, you want Computer Search and Item Finder. Crank up the amounts of both Oak and NGR (dropping a Bill or two if you must) and go with all SER since energy should rarely be a problem.

Speaking of energy, it looks fine, although a fourth DCE is definitely worth considering. You've got relatively cheap attacks, and the ones that aren't cheap are colorless. The exception is Mewtwo's Psyburn, and as Spike says, Mewtwo is just Mewtwo.

May this deck bring defeat to your foes! (Except Ninetales decks, of course)



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