>Hey Vulpix!!! This is my brother's deck. He thinks some weird things, so there are some things that need to >be changed pretty badly. Please, either fix this deck or send it to Spike. It needs it=) "Speed Burn"
>2 Abra Base
>1 Dark Kadabra
>1 Slowpoke Fossil
>1 Slowbro
>1 Promo Mew
>1 Charmander Base
>1 Charmeleon
>2 Ponyta Base
>1 Rapidash
>3 Growlithe
>1 Arcanine
>1 Chansey
>1 Snorlax
>2 Dratini Base
>1 Dark Dragonair
>14 Fire energy
>8 Psy energy
>4 Bill
>4 Energy Retreval
>2 ER
>3 Potion
>1 Pokémon Trader
>1 Gambler
>1 Scoop Up
>Please... Vulpix, fix it! Also...he is 1 of the many who doesn't like Oak...he doesn't understand that the lone >Gambler is NOT intended for card advantage. Please explain this to him=(



At long last I get to do some deck fixes again... I've been pestering Spike to let me do this. I don't know why, but I have little enthusiasm for bashes anymore. The bad decks just all began to melt into one continuous stream of mediocrity. It wasn't fun anymore. That's why you don't see them anymore.

Now, what would I do with this deck?

Well, if we're going with the "Speed Burn" deck theme, we should have a few solid Pokemon that can be powered up quickly for strong attacks. Of the ones already in the deck, Dark Kadabra and Rapidash suggest themselves. Both have a solid attack and something else to recommend them (free retreat, a truly nifty power, etc.) They're both uncommon, which is a plus. And that Ponyta is just cute... *ahem* Sorry. I get a bit carried away sometimes. Base Ponyta is good, yes. 3-2 of both, maybe 4-3 of one would be good. Put in 3-4 Movie Promo Mewtwo to round out your complement-- this should go without saying.

The Pokemon you've cut out should give some ample room for trainers. Spike recommends pretty much the same trainers for every deck, and this one will be no exception. Feel free to load the deck with SER since you should almost never have energy problems. As for how to sell your brother on Oak, sometimes the only way to do this is an convincing demonstration. Play against him. Crush him by using Oak and Computer Search well. He'll catch on, hopefully.

You shouldn't need DCE in this deck, so it's a matter of tweaking the overall energy balance. 18-20 total energy should be enough. Experiment to find the proper ratio.

Vulpix pix vul!


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