If you are reading this than HORRAY! Now I'd say I'm a better player
than you
are but I can't tell because you feel that you're playing style is the
and I feel that my playing style is the best. Who know's maybe I am
than you, maybe you better than me. But I know this, this deck kicks
ass! I
wanna be a deck mechanic but I dunno how to become one.I probably can't
become one anyway. If i can email me!Well im holding u up. So heres my
deck!The point of this deck is to put in aerodactyl and devolve the
evolved pokemon so they can't evolve again. For fixes i have a limited
of really good cards(like mewtwo movie promo=0none zippo!!)I can't just
any ol card.(If i don't put rocket its not rocket!)

13psychic energy
12fighting energy

3Mr. mime
1tcg leauge promo Mew Lv.23

1Here comes team rocket!
1Mysterious fossil
1pokemon trader
1energy retrevial
1golden nut(neo)
1Nightly garbage run.
So is it good? email me back or post it up!(Pretty please?)


I'm Vulpix, of course, your cute many-tailed foxy friend, and I'm back after extended vacation... though for how long, no one can say...

The fact that you have the NERVE, the BACKBONE, the utter GALL to claim that YOU are a BETTER PLAYER than SPIKE makes me laugh out loud. I'd admire you for it, but I know that such backbone is in fact an illusion-the reality is that you're merely an extremely stupid, extremely disturbed, very sad individual drifting along in your own little reality bubble. Any sympathy I might have felt is erased by your arrogance. "This deck kicks ass!" Let's rewrite that a bit-"Anyone who plays this deck deserves to have their ass kicked."

To help break down this review, I'm going to assign each of the questionable elements of your deck a number of question marks from one to five, corresponding to least to most illogical:

Aerodactyl + Evolutions = ????
Bad Evolution Families = ???
Singles Of Some Really Bad Cards = ???
Truly Insane Trainer Choices (HCTR) = ????
Illegal Cards (Golden Nut) = ??

So you can see right away that the most illogical element of this deck is the classic "Hmm, maybe Aerodactyl would be good in an evolution deck. surely it doesn't mean *I* can't evolve."  Following closely behind is the canny exploitation of the indescribable fear that most players feel when their opponent SLAMS a Here Comes Team Rocket on the table. It's like playing Stompy and having your opponent play out an Ivory Mask.*

That's just about the end of the distinctive stuff. The rest is elements that, while pathetic and good for a quick laugh, are common to just about every RBD. Oh yes-here's a tip: Good players didn't get where they are by playing illegal Japanese trainers that aren't all that hot anyway.

I reiterate it again: There is just such a WEALTH of information out there that there is no excuse for submitting a deck like this to a mechanic. Spike fixes some decks that have some serious problems as they come in (witness this week's "Fossil Find") but generally there are no huge gaping logical errors, as with this deck. If you don't know that lots and lots of singles are generally bad, and at least a few good  trainers and why they're good-you are not at the point of sending your deck to a mechanic. Sorry.

This is your favorite furry, fiery fox signing off for this week. Vulpix!

*Another Magic analogy, one that was too good to pass up.


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