this is my deck that mainly uses the low attack costs and powerful attacks of rocket cards .
i did not use R charizard cause i did not have one.
here is my deck:
1 dark vileplume
1 R grimer
1R dark muk
1R dratini
1 Rdragonaire
2 Rabra
1 Rkadabra
1 Ralakazam
1 Rzubat
1 Rgolbat
1 Roddish
1 Rgloom
1 Rcharmander
1 Rdrowzee
1 Rvoltorb
1 Rmachop
1 Rmachoke
1 base set diglett
1 base set dugtrio
1 Rmeowth
1 Rchallenge!
1Rgoop gas attack
1 Rthe boss's way
4 fire energy
13 fighting energy
9 grass energy
7 phsicic energy
3 electric


Yup, it's me, Vulpix, returned to wreak havoc on the legions of scrubs and assorted idiots that populate this strange world we live in. You wouldn't think a Vulpix like me could grow bored at college, what with a T1 line and all day to spend looking for fox pictures on the Internet. (Vulpix, I wish you'd tell my roommate those are YOUR bookmarks... he thinks they're mine for some weird reason. -Spike) (Gee, I can't imagine why --Vulpix) At any rate, you see spread out before you my latest in a long string of victims. Will it ever end? Apparently not...

First the vital statistics.

Evolution Families: 7
Well-Used Evolution Families: 0
Bad Evolutionary Basics Left To Fend For Themselves In A Cruel, Heartless World: 3
Bad Trainers: 1
Good Trainers Used Badly: 2
Energy: 36
Maximum Energy Of Any Color: 13

I think that last statistic is the most telling. 36 energy? Of all the possible ways to make a deck completely unplayable, one of the ones we don't see to often is that of using positively excessive energy counts (30+). Running 36 energy boggles the mind. I can only assume that this deck's creator ingested large amounts of some mind-altering substance, then proceeded to read one of Jamie Wakefield's articles on deckbuilding and translate it into Pokemon. Wonder if he's running 62 cards, too, but I'm too lazy to count.

Speaking of mind-altering substances, if you are planning to play with this deck, you may want to pack some along and offer some to your opponent before the match begins.* The reason being that you need your opponent to be in a drug-induced haze so that he won't notice you cutting both the Challenge and Boss's Way to the top of your deck, then accept the Challenge when you play it. Trust me, that is the only way this deck will ever go off other than simply through blind luck.

That's it. This deck lies dissected before you. I now cleanse my paws of it. **insert flushing sound here**

*This is a joke... J-O-K-E, as in we're not serious... drugs are bad, and so is doing stuff that could get you ejected from tournaments and/or arrested... use common sense always, hard as that may be for some. --Spike


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