Help! This deck has won NOTHING!! Sure, I thought I would dominate my friends, but no, they all copy my best friend's ideas. Then they WON!!! So, please HELP!!!

Here's my deck:



2 Scyther

1 Pinsir

3 Bulbasaur

2 Ivysaur

1 Venusaur

4 Lickitung

4 Lt. Surge's Ratatta

3 Lt. Surge's Raticate


4 Bill

3 Professor Oak

3 Here Comes Team Rocket!

3 Nightly Garbage Run

1 Lt. Surge

2 PlusPower

2 Poke Ball


18 Grass

2 Double Colorless

Okay the aim of this deck is to play Lickitung early as a stall to evolve Bulbasaur, By using Bill, Poke Ball and Professor Oak to find its Evolutionary Partners. Lt. Surge is mainly for the purpose of Lt. Surge's Ratatta and Raticate. Super Fang always needs a boost in damage, thus using Pluspower to increase it. Then, when Venusaur is pumped up with 4 grass energies (and when Lickitung is no more), Bring him out and SOLARBEAM!!!

Well, that's the Strategy, any questions?

See ya!


This is the deck I and Dux are doing. you may well want to check his fix out when you're done  reading mine. That's the whole point of this deck-swapping thing, after all-gain multiple perspectives on the same deck.

Looks like you're headed for an Energy Trans deck here. But this deck has a lot of extraneous bits that aren't really helping. Specifically, Raticate. Now, this guy might be good in the right deck, but this isn't it. Like Raindance, an Energy Trans deck wants to have no chaff, nothing that detracts from the theme. You're already trying to piece together one evolution family. Don't make it harder.

Having said this-Go with Venusaur and basics. Scyther is just great in Energy Trans decks (heck, he's great everywhere) and Lickitung is decent, as well as providing fire protection. Go with 3-4 of each of your basics, then with Venusaur, have it be perhaps a 4-2-2 or 4-2-3 family with a couple of Breeders tossed in. You can tweak this a bit.

Trainer-wise we'll take out the Surge, Pokeball and the HCTR. In their place we'll up the Oak count to 4, put in lots of -good- search cards and Item Finding, Gust of Wind (just essential), Scoop Ups for hauling Lickitung out of danger and for synergy with Venusaur. Oh yes, the aforementioned Breeders. That should do us.

Your energy is good, but you want 4 DCE. Then the grass energy takes whatever space you have left. Remember that one primary tenet of deckbuilding these days is that you probably don't need as much energy as you think, so see what you can get away with.



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