Hi my name is Phillip and my deck (Fossil Find) keeps getting beat,but I can't seem to figure out whats wrong with it. So heres my deck.

Pokemon 16
2Brocks onix
2Brocks sandshrew(1 at lv.20 and 1 at lv.13)
1Brocks sandslash
Trainers 21
4Mysterious Fossil
2Mistys duel
2Mistys wrath
3energy removal
1Pokemon Breeder
1Blaines Gamble
1Professer Oak
1Good manners
Energys 23
1Rainbow Energy
12Fighting Energys
10Water Energys
The strategy of this deck is to stall with Brocks onix while building up Kabutops or seadra. I added energy removal to add some stalling time. I added all the drawing cards to get the cards I needed when I needed them.


This is the deck I did along with Scott, so when you're done, you can go look at the version in his garage.

Okay, I'll tell you the bitter truth. The fighting half of this deck is just real bad. ALL of your fighting Pokemon are grass weak (not a good thing with Mr. Scyther running loose) and none of them are standouts. Kabutops in particular is inferior. A fighting, Grass-weak Stage 2 with 60 HP? Sure, he's got some decent attacks, but he will almost never live to use them against most decks. Sandslash and Onix might both be playable, but it'd be tricky. My advice is to skip it. You want to trim yourself down to one family. I don't think we're going to be able to stick with the fossil theme-until Neo 2 goes English, there just are no good fossil Poke.

With that in mind, Seadra seems our best bet. A 4-3 line of him plus some BBP's will make a nice deck. For your BBPs I recommend Hitmonchan and something else; either Scyther or Lapras will work nicely, I recommend Scyther here.

Trainers. sigh, just rip them all out and start from scratch. then add the trainers that I put in NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF THE DECKS THAT COME THROUGH HERE (you'd think people would notice the pattern by now):

Computer Search
Item Finder
Gust of Wind
Nightly Garbage Run

You'll want 3-4 of most of these, although you can probably get away with 2 each of search and finder. You may still have some slots left over. Generally, there are three choices for these slots nowadays-hand hate (RSA, TRT, Lass and such) removal (ER/SER) or Gyms (whichever gym meshes well with your strategy; sometimes it's good just to have gyms to blow other gyms up.) All other things being equal I'd play the removal, as it's the cheapest to acquire and will serve you in the greatest number of matches.

Energy should be fairly straightforward. 7-9 fighting energy for Hitmonchan, 4 DCE for Scyther and Seadra's Agility, then fill the  rest with water energy. Don't go overboard. with proper drawing and NGR'ing, you probably don't need as much E as you think you do.


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