>     It seems that everyone always plays wiggaly's,
> Hay's, or Rain dances.  
> Therfore moltres decks dont get hardly any credit.
> But if u play them right
> they can destroy any deck. Heres my version.
> My super moltres deck
> 4xMoltres(goes pretty well with the strategy:] )
> 4xScyther
> 4xChansey(help stall)
> 4xFossil Magmar
> 3xDitto
> 2xProfesser Oak(cant run more or ill deck my self)
> 4xBill(these actually work in this deck)
> 2xGambler(get a big hand then put it back into my
> deck)
> 3xPokemon Center(wildfire my energy heal then do it
> again)
> 2xComputer Error(take advantage of everyones erge
> for more cards)
> 4xErika(see above)
> 4xNGR(get those energy back+good stall tactic)
> 4xComputer search(get what i need when i need it)
> 4xDCE
> 22xFire Energy
>     The stratagy is to beat down with Ditto, Magmar,
> and Scyther.  Stall with
> Chansey then wipe there deck away with Moltres.  The
> Erikas and Computer
> Errors work very well people draw the cards and deck
> even faster.  That
> happend to me at the super trainer show down
> gualifier  at the oakland mall. 
> So please help me i really need it.


Well, I give you points for being different, if not
for true originality ;)

Moltres Stall is an excellent deck if played
correctly. I've been on the wrong end of it more than
once. Its main weakness, like all stall decks, is
trainer disruption and time limits, so keep this in

I think you're running a few more Pokemon than you
need... in particular, you don't need Ditto. He's an
offensive Pokemon whose purpose is to attack. Not the
idea. I'm not even sure you need Magmar, so seriously
think about taking him out. Other than that you've got
the essentials, and I have no gripes.

The space you use for Erika could be put to better use
running stuff like Scoop Up and Item Finder. Super
Energy Removal is good in stallers, but now you can
expect to see No Removal Gym coming out of the
woodwork in massive quantities, so... this is another
"I don't know what people play in your area" bit. It's
good unless people are playing hate for it, in which
case it becomes either a dead card or massive card
disadvantage. Neither of which you really need. So
think about that.

As for energy, I'm not sure if you really need 26.
Seems to me it would be workable and desirable to use
less. But what works for you, right?

Hope this helps...


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