> Spike,
> I've got a deck for you to fix.  I made it on my
> own and it does
> well, but I have problems against water decks.  My
> deck's name is
> 'Psychoburn'.
> Here it is:
> Pokemon: 22
> 3 Ponyta
> 1 Rapidash
> 2 Charmander
> 1 Charmeleon
> 2 Magmar (Fossil)
> 2 Abra (1 TR, 1 Base)
> 1 Kadabra
> 1 Dark Kadabra
> 1 Jynx
> 1 Drowzee (TR)
> 1 Slowpoke
> 1 Slowbro
> Trainers:13
> 3 Bill
> 3 Energy Removal
> 2 Professor Oak
> 2 Switch
> 2 Super Potion
> 1 PlusPower
> Energies: 25
> 16 Fire energy
> 9 Psychic energy (all i've got)
> I've done all I can with it and I have still got
> problems.  Could you fix
> it?
> P.S.  I dont have any Computer Searches.


Beyond a certain point, there's not going to be too
much you can do against Water. The addition of a
second color is about all you can do when you've got
Fire in there in the first place.

You have 4 evolution families, and most of them are
ill-constructed. Reduce that to 2, or preferably, to
1, then put in some good basic Pokemon. Here, I like
the idea of a family such as Charmeleon or Rapidash
backed up by Fossil Magmar and MP Mewtwo, but that's
only one way in which you could take it. Regardless of
what you decide to do, you need to eliminate all the
singles... and Vulpix does NOT belong in a deck
without Ninetales, I'm sorry.

Trainers are good up to a point. You're on the right
track, but you need ways to search for cards (Computer
Search is preferable) and more card drawing (Bill and
Oak). Switch is largely unneccessary right here, and
you can use the space for stuff like more PP, ER, and
GOW-- all commons or uncommons that should be easy to
find multiples of and spiff up your deck.

You don't need 25 energy-- try to trim it down to
20-22 energy overall... this will work fine once you
get drawing and stuff in.

Hope his helps.


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