>Hey, spike. I made this fire deck a couple weeks ago and it well, lets just say it didnt do so good. I thought >you could help me out. It dosent have a name.
>POKEMON (13) 3 fossil Magmar (awsome poke)
>3 Ditto (rain dance controll)
>2 Chansey (stall)
>2 Vulpix (to evolve)
>2 Ninetails ( to whoop butt)
>1 Moltres (wildfire)
>3 gust of wind (self-expanetory)
>2 Bill (see above)
>4 Proff. Oak (same-old same-old)
>3 Energy Retreval (you know)
>2 CPU Search (isnt it obvios?)
>4 Energy Removal (getting old, aint it?)
>3 Pluspower (More sting)
>2 Super ER (stall)
>ENERGY (24)
>20 Fire
>4 DCE
>Hope you can help!


Help? I sure can.

Your trainers are pretty good. It's your Pokemon that are sick and need help. Well, really only two of them: Ninetales and Moltres. First of all, I dun like Moltres. This deck should win by drawing all its prizes. IMO you don't even need the one. Use the space for another Vulpix. Now then... You didn't mention any specific problem with the rest of your Pokemon, but I'd rather use Scyther than Ditto. Ditto is just a liability in some situations, and if you're up against Raindance you're most likely dead anyway. Use Scyther and make him 4.

Your trainers are pretty much solid. One thing I'd do is yank the ER. What to use instead? Well, firstly, you want at least 3 Bill if possible. Secondly, with 4 Oaks, NGR may be more beneficial than Retrieval, and you'll probably want 4 of the suckers. Those two changes will do loads of good.

Lastly, if you need any space, cut energy. You don't need or want 24 energy in this deck. 22 or even 20 total will be just fine.



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