hey souper I was on Tyler's garage a bout a month ago and I didn't have a good deck. now I got new cards and made this deck.

Dadada...Good ol' Haymaker
Pokemon 13
4x MP Mewtwo
3x Scyther
2x Electabuzz
2x Mr. Mime
1x Ditto
1x Kangaskhan
Trainers 21
1x Scoop Up
4x Bill
2x COM Search
3x Oak
2x Vermilon City Gym(I dunno why I needed these....Tyler told me to put 
Stadium cards in my deck)
4x Gow
4x Pluspower
1x Switch

Energy 26
13x Psy
13x Lightning
The strategy is to open with a mime and a Mewto and a buzz in ur hand. Play mewtwo as active,com serch for buzz(1 psy in hand now) play buzz on bench,attch a psy 2 mewtwo and suck those energy's back up. The heyday of mr. mime was long ago but he still is a prety good basic pokemon



Looks to be your average Haymaker with a few variations. You've got some good Pokemon choices, but overall the deck could use some tweaking. You could cut some Energy for Trainers and make a few other slight changes.


No major problems here. Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime are decent, but more situational than the others. I think you should drop Kangaskhan though, because he's Energy intensive and pretty slow. Your strongest attackers will be Electabuzz and Mewtwo, with Scyther and Ditto as secondary and Mr. Mime is an extra, which you won't need many of because you'll only need them in certain situations. Let's go with something like this:
4 Electabuzz
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Scyther
2 Ditto
2 Mr. Mime
Electabuzz or Mewtwo make good starting attackers- Electabuzz's attacks are cheap and efficient and Mewtwo can power up with Energy Absorption. Scyther is also good to start with as active when possible, because of his free retreat.


You don't look too bad in this department, but a few changes could be made. I'd first change the card drawing ratios to look like 4 Oak, 3 Com Search, and 2 Bill. With the entrance of Trapper into the tourney scene, four Oaks helps you recover if your hand gets destroyed. You still need to get lucky, but you have a better chance of having it when you need it with four, and trust me, you'll often need it.

Scoop Up is much better than Switch, especially in Haymaker. Drop Switch for Scoop. It's good to have a gym to counter other gyms, but pick one that's gonna help you... I'd go with Narrow Gym for some protection from Wiggly, and go with three. Lastly, drop a GOW and add three Lass (or RSA, if you're more comfortable with that- I've found that it's often a personal choice).


With Scyther, Ditto, and two Pok閙on with a 2 Retreat, I'd add four DCE. Go with 8 Lightning and 10 Psychic along with it.
Pok閙on (14)
4 Electabuzz
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Scyther
2 Ditto
2 Mr. Mime

Trainers (24)
2 Scoop Up
2 Bill
3 Com Search
4 Oak
3 Narrow Gym
4 PlusPower
3 Lass/RSA

Energy (22)
10 Psy
8 Lightning
Hope that helps you, and good luck!

~ Souper ~