Ugh, I don't feel so hot right now, so I'm gonna make this a quick fix...

Whats up Souper!
This is GundamFred with a troubled deck. THe deck is called Char Broiled. Even though the deck dosn't have any of the Charmander faimly, it is just a cool name. Most people are more familiar with the name Blaines Magmar sounds dumb! I have found this deck slowly growing in the world of Pokemon. I decided to build my self one of these bad boys and see what is so good about it. And most of the time i got a muiligen. I was pist so i added Ditto. Then i switched between Ditto and Fossil Magmar. I need your help Souper! I am not going to beg but if you post it, it is only helping the people of pokemon. Here is the list:
 Char Broiled!!!
4 Blaine's Magmar
4 Rocket's Moltres
4 Fossil Magmar or Ditto ( I can't decide)

4 Pokedex
2 Defender
2 Computer Search

40 Fire energy
This deck has only 12 pokemon it still is ultimate. With Blaine's Magmar's lava burst (20x the number of fire energies you discard when discarding 5 cards from your deck) and 40 fire energies. you can almost guarantee that Magmar will do 100 damage. With Rocket's Moltres' pokemon power rebirth (if Rocket's Moltres is KO'ed this power put it back in your hand) once you get one out you can almost guarantee a basic on the bench. Also I have found the one deck where pokedex is actually a useful card. With a pokedex you can look at the next five cards in your deck and rearrange them as you like. With that you can determine whether you should use lava burst or Firebreathing. With defender you can make Magmar last really long. Magmar is also a mime stopper with an attack that can do 20 damage for R with a coin flip. The computer search lets me search for the pokemon you need. This is GundamFred signing off.



Yay, another Gundam Wing fan! This deck has an interesting concept that can be very good if things come together. It does have some problems, though. Energy Removal, lack of Basics, and decking out come to mind, as well as Raindance decks. It can also wreak some havoc, though. The deck itself is already well built, so I'll just give it a tweaking.


Rocket's Moltres is a very nice concept, somewhat getting around that problem with running out of basics. The problem is that both Moltres and Blaine's Magmar have [FFF] attacks, making them slow. With that in mind, I'd go with Fossil Magmar as your third party, because of his cheap attacks and stalling option. Past that, you're good to go.


Hmm... Basically you need to keep Magmar alive long enough to incinerate at most six of you opponent's Pokemon. And you need to stay with it in the very early game while you're building up Magmar. And you need to be able to quickly GET Magmar if you don't have him already. You need to be careful with Oaks, though, since your deck will deteriorate quickly. Defender is good because of his HP, but I'm thinking Super potion might work better, because other than one hit kills, you get an extra 20 damage healed. The energy you pay shouldn't be too much of a problem since you're running so much. I'd say go with three of those.

With around 40 Fire Energy, it'll usually be safe to assume that you'll have around 3-5 in the next five cards, so Pokedex can probably be taken out for something else... And you definitly want four Computer Search for setup and recovery to find your Magmars. With two spaces left, let's go with two Oak, you don't want to overdo it but you could use some. Lastly, once Magmar gets going, you need to keep your opponent from recovering. 3 Lass should do the trick, or possibly Hallucination Gym when it comes out in English.


Take out four to make room for the extra Super Potion and Lasses. Here's the deck:
Pok閙on (12)
4 Blaine's Magmar
4 Rocket's Moltres
4 Fossil Magmar

Trainers (12)(Whoa!)
3 Super Potion
3 Lass
2 Oak
4 Computer Search

Energy (36)
36 Fire
I haven't played this kind of deck, so I did the fix by my judgement. Hopefully it helped, but you may need to make other changes. The best thing to do would be playtest the deck and see whatever problems there are. Good luck!

~ Souper ~