Hi my name is Phillip and my deck (Fossil Find) keeps getting beat,but I can't seem to figure out whats wrong with it. So heres my deck.


Pokemon 16
2Brocks onix
2Brocks sandshrew(1 at lv.20 and 1 at lv.13)
1Brocks sandslash

Trainers 21
4Mysterious Fossil
2Mistys duel
2Mistys wrath
3energy removal
1Pokemon Breeder
1Blaines Gamble
1Professer Oak
1Good manners

Energys 23
1Rainbow Energy
12Fighting Energys
10Water Energys

 The strategy of this deck is to stall with Brocks onix while building up Kabutops or seadra. I added energy removal to add some stalling time. I added all the drawing cards to get the cards I needed when I needed them.
 I hope you can help me and if you do thank you.

Well, Spike in all his dementedness, er, wisdom, sent this deck over to me.  Looks like fun...let's see what we can do with it!

Let's start here with Pokemon.  Lemme get this straight....stall with Onix...build up Kabutops and Seadra....okay.  Great!  Everything else goes!  The Sandslash line is gone.  To beef it up, add in another Horsea and Seadra, as well as another Brock's Onix.  This keeps our basic count at a mere 7, but 11 with Fossils.  There might be a lot of mulliganning going on, but that's cool if you have the card drawers.

Your energy count is WAY too high.  You are going to have to run some MASSIVE card draw for this.  Initally, considering this, kill the 3rd Kabutops - you will only want 2.  Now, let's kill the energy a LOT.  Considering Seadra only needs 1 water on him, drop the water down to a mere 6.  Fighting is a bit more pivitol, but let's kill it down to 8.  Now, drop the Rainbow and add in 4 DCEs.  This keeps us at 18, which is high, but doable.

We cut 6 cards.  Let's immediately put those in place....3 more Professor Oaks, 1 Bill, and 2 Nightly Garbage Runs.  You'll need both. Now, let's fix the trainers...

Drop 2 Sleep and 1 Breeder, both pretty worthless, for 3 more Bill.  If you can not draw cards with this deck, you lose.  Drop the Blaine's Gamble for 1 more Good Manners.  That card is good here.  Drop the other potion for a 4th Energy Removal.  Drop the 2 Misty's Duels for 2 Super Removals.  The 2 Misty's Wraths and final potion would do well as 2 Item Finder and 1 Computer Search. 

Final Product:

3 Brock's Onix
3 Kabuto
2 Kabutops
4 Horsea
3 Seadra

4 Mysterious Fossil
2 Challenge
4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Professor Oak
2 Good Manners
2 Nightly Garabage Run
2 Item Finder
1 Computer Search

6 Water Energy
8 Fighting Energy

I won't say this deck is the best it could be, but it's a fix and should help you with it some.  Have fun!