Hey Scott!
can you help me fix my deck for a tourney?
Here it is:
Pokemon 10
2 Hitmonlee
3 Machop
1 Hitmonchan
2 Electabuzz ( base )
2 Surge's elect
trainers: 22
2 Gust of wind
2 Recycle
1 Pluspower
1 Energy Removal
1 Nightly garbage run
1 Challenge!
3 Energy retrieval
4 Bill
1 Pokemon Center
2 Poke ball
1 Imposter oak's Revenge
1 professor Oak
2 Energy Search
energy: 28
12 lightning energy
13 fighting energy
2 Double Colorless energy
1 potion energy
Pretty much everybody in our neighborhood plays charizard decks or fire or grass haymakers.
can you adapt my deck to win against those decks?

Well, everyone else has gone into details about the Cross fixes, so I won't.  This is a cross with Kittyfox.

This kinda looks like a Haymaker going haywire to me.  Let's see what kinda direction we can give it:

With Pokemon, you seems to be a bit scattered.  Let's tone it up some.  Let's drop out the Machops and add in 2 Scythers and a Hitmonchan.  In electric, drop 1 Surge's buzz and add in another base set.  The base set is more reliable in the early game.  Surge's buzz can go off in the late game when you need it, so save it until then.

With the trainers, let's start with our drop list:

Recycle x 2
Challenge z 1
Impostor Oak's Revenge x 1
Impostor Oak x 1
Pokeball x 2
Pokemon Center x 1
Energy Search x 2

Heck, before we get that far, let's kill come energy.  Kill the Potion, and add in 1 DCE.  Now,  drop about 4 lighting and 5 fighting energy.

Back to trainers, we have 19 frees slots.  Man....what to do with 19 free slots...

Well, let's see...

Add in the following:

2 more Professor Oak
2 moreNightly Garbage Run
2 more PlusPower
3 Item Finder
3 Computer Search
3 more Energy Removal
1 more Gust of Wind
2 Super Energy Removal
1 Goop Gas Attack

Try this out and have fun with it!