>   can yu please fix up my

>3x Blastoise  (base)
>1x Wartortle  (base)
>3x Squirtle    (base)
>3x Gyarados (base)
>3x Magikarp (rocket)
>2x Lapras
>3x Dratini     (base)
>2x Dark Dragonair

>4x Professor Oak
>3x Challenge
>4x Compusearch
>4x Nightly Garbage Run
>2x Plus power
>3x Pokemon Breeder
>3x Gust Of Wind

>17 Water energy
>i don't like articuno it could kill your bench
>so i use rocket magikarp and base gyardos
>and the darkdragonair and challenge

Looks like we're working a Rain Dance Deck here.  In my own personal Rain Dances (when I actually build one) I tend to go a little insane, so I will try to not do so here.  

First of all, we need to get some more speed going here.  Now contrary to popular belief, with the advent of Rocket, you do not need to run 4 Blastoise.  With NGR, 3 is plenty fine.  You do need 4 Squirtle, though.  Kill the Wartortle - against Dark Vileplume you're a dead man if you don't have Turn 2 Blastoise anyway, so why worry about the middle?  If ya wanna keep the Gyarados, drop to 2.  Drop the whole Dratini line and go with the Promo Articuno.  A little less damage, but decent retreat cost, and still very good abilities.  Run 2 of him.

So, the Pokemon now are:

4 Squirtle
3 Blastoise
3 Rocket Magikarp
2 Gyarados
2 Lapras
2 Promo Articuno

With the energy, run 2 less.  We will compensate in the trainers.

First of all, go with 4 PokeBreeders.  You need that card in quantity 4, unlike Blastoise.  Since you have to have both in your hand at once, going 3/3 is dangerous where 4/3 is not so bad.  Plus, you can NGR a Blastoise, but not a Breeder.

Item Finder is a key card - run 3 of them.  Nightly Garbage Run is good, but not 4 good.  Drop 1 and go to 3.  Add in 2 Energy Retrievals to compensate for when you need Energy immediately.

Challenges never get accepted, unless they are beneficial to the opponent.  Just make them Bills.  You might want to experiement with Erika too and see if you like it there. 

Run 1 No Removal Gym.  It's not that big a deal with you, and you have the search to find it if you need it.  Otherwise it's not that good.

Drop 1 Gust of Wind and 1 Bill for a reason - we're gonna make this a slightly more defensive Rain Dance deck due to the higher numbers.  Go ahead and add in 2 Energy Flow and 2 Pokemon Center.  Trust me - this combo can be a life saver at the right time.

So, your trainers Are:

4 Professor Oak
3 Bill
4 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 PlusPower
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Gust of Wind
3 Item Finder
1 No Removal Gym
2 Energy Flow
2 Pokemon Center

Hope you like it!