Hi Scott.
Thought I'd send you my trademark deck: Gengar's Wiggle.
As there were beginning to be far too many "ordinary" haymakers, Wiggly's
and Raindance emerging in my area, I thought I'd have some fun and put
together a twisted archetype. So far it's beaten all of them but I want it
to be better. Any ideas what to do?

The point is simple; Wiggly+Gengar=70-80 damage per turn.

Oh, and would a DCI fix be out of the question?

Gengar's Wiggle:
Pokemon: 18
4 Gastly, 3 Haunter, 2 Gengar
4 Jiggly, 3 Wiggly
2 Scyther
Energy: 13
5 Psychic
2 Rainbow
Trainers: 29
4 Oak
4 CPU Search
3 Pluspower
3 Item Finder
2 Bill
2 Secret Mission
2 Gust of Wind
2 NRGym

Thanks for looking.
The PokeVorlon.

The deck's theory looks really good.  Let's see what kinda touches we can put on it.

Go ahead and drop the Wiggly line to 3/2.  You will need the slots.  Go ahead and put in 1 Promo Mewtwo.  I can not stress how good this guy can be situationally. 

Energy is tight and I like it that way.  Change nothing.

Trainers are pretty slick as well.  Secret Mission is just not that good, though - replace with Bills.  The free slot - make it a PlusPower.

Outside of that, this deck is REAL tight.  I like it a lot!  Have fun with it!