Hey, Scott!  I was wondering if you could help me with my deck.  It's easy to
figure out what it does. So, here it is:

4 Erica's Dratini
3 Mr. Mime
3 Chansey
2 Scyther

3 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
3 Plus Power
4 Removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Switch
3 Scoop up
2 Lass

8 Psychic Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
4 Double Colorless

Thanks for the help,

P.S.  I would like an STS Fix please!

One of these days I will learn not to do fixes late at night - especially nights after I didn't much sleep the day previous.  Oh well - who really cares about my sleep paterns.  You just wanna see me fix this deck, right?  Wait a minute, you don't?  Hey!  Get back here.  Come on...I was just kidding.  Please read my fix...please.

*WHEW*  Thanks for coming back.  Okay, since I'm keepin' ya, I'll make it fast.

12 is too many Pokemon for an STS environment.  10 at the max, and we'll go with that considering the deck type.  You can go with 3 Dratini and 2 Mime's without a problem.  As a side note, you should probably get 1 Promo Mewtwo in there somewhere.  He is REALLY for what he does - beat people up.  Go ahead and drop 1 more Dratini for one.

Energy is pretty good, except I bet you can drop 1 Psychic Energy easily.

Your trainers are solid enough.  With 3 free slots, open with 2 NGR and 1 Retrieval.  Those are always good to have in any deck.  Drop the PlusPower to "random" status by taking it down to 1.  It's only going to be situationally useful.  Speaking of such a card, add in 1 Goop Gas Attack.  Trust me - you'll thank me later.  Finally, drop one switch and add in 2 Super Removals.  They're really good.

That's it.  Have fun!