*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Welcome back. Yeah, the bell is fixed now. Why are there holes in
the walls, you ask? Simple--I made the nearly fatal mistake of letting an
eletrocuted and VERY AGGITATED lady "borrow" a nailgun. You'd think I'd be
smarter than that, wouldn't you? Well, apparently I'm not.
Hey Satoshi,
    Please fix up my deck . Gyrados decks are common in my area but I
beat them down with no problem well anyway here is my deck:
       Vulpix's Surprise:


 2xpromo Mewtwo


 4xScoop Up
 3xEnergy Retrieval

 4xDouble Colorless

   The Strategy of my deck is to get Chansey or Promo Mewtwo to stall and a
Vulpix on the bench charging until I get Ninetales out for some heavy
hits.Mew is for taking down a Gyrados or Blastoise. Mr. Mime is there for
stalling purposes in case I don't get Nintales out.
                                             Thanks 4 your time
                 P.S. try to fix it soon I'm entering a Tournament next
SATOSHI: Okay...let's get to work.
Hmmm...I think we'd be better off leaving this as a mono-fire deck. Take out
the Mew, Mewtwo, and Mr. Mime and put in a 3/2 Charmeleon line. Some people
don't like this family--I don't see why. Fire has many solid stage
ones...discarding is just a drawback.
Take out the SER. In a fire blast deck, we want to do as little extra
discarding as necessary. Having said that, add in three No Removal Gym. a
word of advice: PLAY THESE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You'll need to to stop the
onslaught of SER and ER. In a deck like this, PlusPowers are needed. Take
out the RSA and use the last SER space for four PlusPower. Next, the Energy
retrieval go for three GOW. Let's also take out one Scoop Up for a Professor
Oak. Don't worry--I may be moving on, but we're not necessarily done here.
Take out two Psychic Energy for two more Professor Oak. Now, convert the
rest of the Psychic Energy to fire. That should do it.
Let's take a looksee.
20 Fire Energy
4 Vulpix
4 Ninetales
3 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
3 Chansey
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 PlusPower
3 No Removal Gym
3 Scoop Up

SATOSHI: There she is!! Fire is evil. Use it well. :)

Before I sign off, I'd like to say a few things:

The notion of Prop15(15 trainers per deck), IMO, is completely stupid.
Crippling many decks to weaken TWO? That basically boils down to this:

"Hmm...there's a weed in my yard. Oh well. I'll just pour insecticide on my
lawn. The other plants might be hurt, but hey, at least that weed'll be weak

No, wait--that's not necessarily true. As much as people would like to
believe it, I'd have to say that I don't see how Hays will be weakened
enough to be beaten, by, say, and Venucenter deck(no offense to anyone that
plays a Venucenter deck!). Yeah, the trainers will be toned down, but guess
what? 'Buzz'll still be doing 30-40 damage on turn two. And Scyther,
Hitmohcan, Magmar, and Mewtwo will all be kicking by turn two-three! Now,
remind me again: WHY are we doing this?

Okay, that's all. Let me just put my soapobx away, and we'll ring you up.
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!