*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello everyone!! You may notice that this deck is also featured in
Griffin's Guild. No, the owner did not send it to both of us. Here's the
The deck garage manager dude, Scott Gerhardt, decided that the garages
needed something to sprouse them up. His first idea of having Spike's Vulpix
high dive into a pool of water every week made for quite an upset(not to
mention a terrified lil' fox). His second idea of having Blastoise become
the first living lightning rod was met with the same reluctance.
After his even mentioning Crash's Hypno produced an angered psychic-type
brandishing a letter opener, Scott decided to do something with us, the
Every week, each mech will fix a deck from his/her own inbox, also
forwarding that deck to another mech to be fixed. This still makes for two
decks a mech, but it adds a bit of a twist. You like? Yes? No? Doesn't
really matter--we're doing it anyway. ;P
>Hi Satoshi!
>     I would like it if you would help fix my deck up.
>     Well, as you already know, my deck is called "Flaming Foxes".
>     28 Fire Energy
>          19 Pokemon
>     4 Vulpix
>     3 Ninetales
>     1 Blaines Magmar
>     1 Magmar (Base Set)
>     3 Magmar (Fossil)
>     2 Eevee (Promo)
>     2 Flareon
>     2 Charmander (Base Set)
>     1 Charmeleon
>              13 Trainers
>     1 Here Comes Team Rocket
>     1 Potion
>     1 Pokeball
>     1 Challenge!
>     2 Brock
>     4 Energy Removel
>     3 Super Energy Removel
>                          Deck Strategy!!!!!
>     Let's run through the more important cards in this deck.
> >Vulpix- Gotta get 9tales from somewhere.
> >9tales- REALLY powerfull card... Nuff said.
> >Fossil Magmar- Can you say Haymaker card!
> >Base Magmar- You can see why theres only one. (low HP)
> >Blaine's Magmar- Great card
> >Eevee- Good power
> >Flareon- O.k. Card plus I love that Quick Attack!
> >Charmander/meleon- Pretty much just 4 stall
> >Brock- Great Healer
> >ER/SER- Good Cards
>     As you can see my deck basically goes for getting 9tales and Magmars
>out Quick!
>     Please Fix up my deck!!!
>             Signed
>                 SSJ Trunks
SATOSHI: Alrighty then. Here we go!
I always say decks like this should stick to two main hitters. Let's remove
the Charmeleon family simply for the reason that Flareon kind of looks like
a "Flaming Fox." Let's add in two more Promo Eevee and another Flareon.
Let's also take out the base Magmar and Blaine's Magmar for two Dark
Flareon, an evil "Flaming Fox" with a great power. Next...the Trainers!
Let's put four Bills into this mix. Now, let's remove some Fire Energy for
Oaks. Four Fire Energy leave for four Professor Oaks. Now, Let's remove four
more energy in exchange for three Computer Search and use the last one,
along with the Brocks, to add in three Gust of Wind. That should do it!!
Energy is fine. 'Nuff said.
Here it is!!
4 Vulpix
3 Ninetales
3 Magmar(f)
4 Eevee(promo)
3 Flareon
2 Dark Flareon
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
20 Fire Energy

SATOSHI: That's it for now!! Be sure to check up on everyone's favorite
guildsman, Griffin, for his fix on this deck!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!