*ding ding!*
PICHU: Pii....cha...
SATOSHI: Still not feeling any better, little dude?
PICHU: Cha...
SATOSHI: Hi everyone. Let's try to keep it down today. Pichu's got some kind
of cold...I dunno what's exactly wrong with him, either. I've looked through
my Poké-Vet book three times, and still nothing. Blastoise, however, has
been really helpful for a change. He's been feeding and caring for Pichu all
afternoon. He even got him a bunch of "Get Well Soon!" baloons! While
Blastoise plays Nurse Joy, I guess I have time to see your deck.
4 Erika's Bellsprout lv15
2 Erika's Weepinbell lv30
2 Erika's Tangela lv21
3 Erika's Oddish lv15
1 Erika's Gloom lv28
1 Erika's Gloom lv24
27 Grass Energy
1 Sabrina's Gastly lv16
1 Sabrina's Jynx lv20
1 Sabrina's Drowzee lv15
6 Psycich Energy
1 Misty's Seel lv20
1 Misty's staryu lv20
1 Misty's Shellder lv10
6 water Energy
1 Lt. surges Treaty

This is a brand new deck.
I built it for Victory Road in the pokemon TCG league.
I need help.
Please respond ASAP!
SATOSHI: Okay, let's get to work.
We are going to need to take out a color. In fact, let's make this an Erika
style deck. Remove everything but the Grass Energy and Erika Pokemon, giving
us 20 spaces to work with. Let's add in another Erika's Oddish lv. 15 and
another Erika's Gloom lv 28. Next, let's take out the Erika's Tangela and
put in another Erika's Weepinbell lv. 30. We still have 19 spaces, so let's
add in four Erika's Dratini. With our 15 spaces, let's move on.
Since we have NO Trainers, we've got our work cut out for us. Add in four
Bill, four Professor Oak, 2 Computer Search, and 3 Celadon City Gym, along
with 2 Good Manners.
WAYYY too much energy here, my friend. Take it down to 20, giving us 7 new
spaces. Add in three Gust of Wind, two Itemfinder, and two Full Heal Energy.
Take out two more Grass Energy for two more Full Heal Energy. That should do
4 Full Heal Energy
18 Grass Energy
4 Erika's Bellsprout lv. 15
3 Erika's Weepinbell lv. 30
4 Erika's Oddish lv. 15
2 Erika's Gloom lv. 28
1 Erika's Gloom lv. 24
4 Erika's Dratini lv. 14
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
2 Itemfinder
3 Celadon City Gym
2 Good Manners
3 Gust of Wind

SATOSHI: Well, there it is. Let's ring you up, and then I need to check on
Pichu....Wha-? Wazzup, Blastoise?
BLASTOISE: Blas! Blastoise! Blas!
SATOSHI: Pichu's better?
PICHU: Pi! Pi?---
SATOSHI: Whoa! All he had was a case of evolution-sickness? Cool! We're the
proud owners of a brand new Pikachu! Huh?--
PIKACHU: *grabs baloons and floats away*
SATOSHI: Umm...a FLYING Pikachu. Wow. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!