*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello! Let's see the deck!
Hey Satoshi,
Help me O Great and Wondrous deck fixer.  I have this deck I just built
that completely shuts down Rain Dance Decks.  It even demolished the
Rain Dance Deck that won the last tournament around here.  The problem
is, this deck doesn't work against anything but Rain Dance Decks.  The
deck is centered around Dark Vileplume.  Everyone around here uses
Breeders and no Wartortles.  Dark Vileplume's pokemon power eliminates
the use of Breeders and thus eliminates Blastoise from the game.
Alakazam is here for Damage Swap, Mr. Mime to shut down heavy hitters
and do damage, and Scyther is in to do the damage.  Anyway, here's the

22 pokemon

4 Abra  (TR)
3 Kadabra
2 Alakazam

2 Mr. Mime

2 Scyther

4 Oddish (2 TR, 2 Jungle)
3 Dark Gloom
2 Dark Vileplume

22 energy

2 Potion Energies
6 Grass Energies
10 Psychic Energies

16 Trainers

2 ER
3 The Boss's Way
2 Pokemon Trader
2 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Pokemon Breeder

This deck can actually play on two strategies.  It can (a) go on the
attack or (b) stall.
Either way, you try to get out the Dark Vileplume as quickly as
possible.  The Boss's Way, Breeders, and Traders are to help get the
pokemon I need out quickly.  The ER, SER, and Nightly Garbage Run are
here to stall and the GOW are here for the attack.  Please fix this deck
and post it soon so I can fix it for the upcoming tournament.


Jacob Metz
SATOSHI: Mmm...anti-Raindance. Nice. See? There are better ways to get
around Archtypes! No banning here! ;)
Okay, we need to fix some things. Firsr, I like th Dark Vileplume idea, but
Alakazam-and no Chansey? I think he should be here. Take out the ER and SER
to put in three Chansey. Trust me, SER and ER DO NOT belong in an
anti-raindance deck, contrary to popular belief. Blastoise just shrugs of
energy denail and dances more down. Anyway, the Scythers are good, and Mime
is okay to. Be careful running two stage twos. Be VERY careful.
Hmmph. Well, they look fairly good, but they do need help at the same time.
Remove the three Boss's Way for three TR Sneak Attack. These cards are great
early game disruption. Now, also remove the trader and put in two Computer
Search. These work a lot better than Trader. Let's move on.
Hmm...remove the Grass and Potion Energy. These really do not have much use
here. With those spaces, add three Bills and two Professor Oaks. Gotta have
drawing and searching, or Spike will send his Kangaskahn to introduce you to
his Comet Punch. And Vulpix has recently been studying the human anatomy, so
don't EVER get Vulpix mad....Oh, heh. Sory. Got off track a bit. Anyway,
drawing is good. Put in two Switch to call Dark Vileplume or Alakazam back
to the bench; these guys make great GOW bait. Everything else look good.
Hmm...looks pretty good. I'll make sure I never play you, okay? ;) These
kind of decks scare me.

SATOSHI: That's all for now! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!