*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: 'Yello! The deck, puh-lease!
My deck is called "International Regentanz" (Regentanz being Raindance,
only in German). Here are the contents:

Energy: 24
24x Water

Trainers: 18
3x Professor Oak
4x Bill
3x PlusPower
4x Breeder
2x Gust of Wind
2x Nightly Garbage Run

Pokemon: 18
4x Squirtle (The shy star of this deck)
3x Blastoise (100HP and a really good Power. Good enough for me!)
2x Dark Blastoise (Heavy hitter)
2x Clefairy (Back-up against those pesky Electabuzz)
2x Clefable (Way better than Clefairy. A necessity with Clefairy)
3x Articuno (No weakness, a resistance, and pretty darn good attacks)
2x Lapras (80HP for a basic and for some reason, he's always been good

This deck is basically (and at least somewhat obviously) a Raindance
deck. I have some problems getting my Squirtle out, which is sort of a
problem for the whole get-it-out-quick aspect. I was thinking of maybe
dropping the Clefairy/Clefable for some other Pokemon w/o the Electric
weakness, but I don't really know what to put in. I was also thinking
about adding ERs and/or Energy Retrevial (to keep the ERs and SERs from
hurting too much).
Thanks, Satoshi!
Ps. I really like the stories you write in the deck reviews, they're
cool! ^_^
SATOSHI: Heh...the name is in German...cool.
Hmm..Clefairy/Fable. I thimk you'd be better off with Chansey. Take out the
Clefable and one Clefairy and put in three Chansey. The rest of the Pokemon
look great.
Take out the last Chansey and put in another Gust of Wind. The rest of the
trainers look great.
24 Water Energy should be fine im this deck.
Hmmm...so, Raindance is Regentanz is German, huh? Cool. :)

SATOSHI: That's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!